Partner TA, considering regular and self worried.

Ok, long story short, see subject title.

Expansion: Current job shoite, not happy, always been committed to serving, in TA, seriously considering making the leap to regular. Very committed, intelligent, fit, strong willed, focused bloke (he's the muts nuts really) Would probably even enjoy basic, no issues there, other than the time apart.

Problem: Me. Want him to do what he needs to do and makes him happy, totally behind him. However, privately peeing my pants re living situation/pillar to post lifelstyle/ education and security, not for self, for daughter (3) Don't want to rain on his parade, least till I've had advice from horses' mouth (or horses' arse, i know i'll get flack)

Complication: Worried about huge impact on daughters father (ex) and her relationship with him if we move away.

Needs: Will stand by him regardless, but looking for advice/reassurance so I'm ready to support him rather than worry him with possibly unnecessary reservations.

Request: What are your experiences of starting regular army life with younguns and complications (yeah i know we all have those)

Yes, i do know about Rear party and will seek advice there but looking for your specific perspective.

Thanks in anticipation.
Think long and hard about where your commitments lie. There are generally pretty good educational facilities wherever you are posted, your children will adapt to being moved around better than you think. You mention your daughter's father, well sorry to say it but the Army sees this as excess baggage and will not cater for it other than in the exception. Think hard about this. Your daughter will adapt, hubby will probably be delighted (forgive me) however in reality unless he is prepared to get a court order to prevent you (well nigh impossible in truth) then he will have to come around. You may find yourself posted to Germany or Cyprus, that Army has had decades of experience of this so whilst it is sympathetic towards families (not) it exists for operational purposes and only exceptional circumstances will affect that, the other edge of the sword being that anything outside preventing operational availability will almost certainly have an impact on the serving members career.
On a brighter side, I am glad to see that you have considered your families welfare before taking the plunge, I hope it works out well for you but please be under no illusions.

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