partner going on tour

hiya sorry first post
anyway my partners in infantry n has signed up to go to iraq next month, doesnt go to afganistan until decemeber, n just wondered if anyone had any advice, also im midway through my pregnancy and he may be back just before our babys due but depends on dates. as im only his girlfriend does that change him being able to come home etc? as awhile ago when i was in hospital he wasnt able to come see me until 5days later, bethy x


Come on over to Rear Party, Bethy... :wink: Rear Party Linky I'm sure you'll find some help/support/advice there too.

I hate to say it but even if you were married, it doesn't mean that he'd get home in time for the birth, all depends on R&R and suchlike. Tis the way of things, so I understand it, and it's something you will, unfortunately, have to get used to :x

Seriously - this Other Half bit is ok but don't forget Rear Party...(although there are some on there you may need to avoid)
joind rear party lol :D yeah i understand that if hes on tour he cant come back, but wen hes in england does it change because im a girlfriend? n thanx lol x

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