Partner Chlymidia testing ?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by headgear, Dec 13, 2007.

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  1. I was lucky enough to have a late start today and watched a bit of the Wright Stuff - apparently Chlymidia and other STD's are rampant and getting worse all the time.

    I also remember a Regtl Doc's STD brief in Osnabruick where amongst all of the gory dripping disease shots the doc slipped in a picture of a womens bits that any Playboy model would have been proud of - you know the type clean, shaved and inviting!! However he then pointed out that this women looked like any other female Chlymidia sufferer in that there was no external evidence.(shit!!!) Also as I understand it theres no obvious symptems in either sex(double Shit!!!)

    This made me think :

    How exactly do you ask a new partner to get tested without ruining the moment? I mean your basically saying to her that she might be a dirty bitch!! - I suppose you could ask then duck quickly!

    This is a genuine thirst for knowledge.

    PS before a feminist has a go this subject is exactly the same for both sexes.
  2. depends on the age I reckon. If you ask a 20 year old you'll probably get a reasonable response. Us sprogs are fine asking, no point risking getting the penis lurgy.
  3. Over the phone?
  4. Bag up until you're at a stage comfortable to go without/ask her. No drama.
  5. So you are talking about a problem that has no symptoms, causes no long term damage and can be cleared up with a short course or even a single one off dose of antibiotics if you do happen to catch it?

    Why would you bother asking a new partner to go and get tested?

    You would be better off asking your new partner to go and get tested for HIV and other more fatal nasties.
  6. Yep, bag up. Then when you want rid of the bag, suggest you both go and get tested. Who's to say you haven't got something nasty already?

  7. I would suggest that you use a condom (on every conceivable occasion to quote Spike Milligan) to avoid the possibility of infection. If you are moving further on in your relationship, then I would recommend that you suggest to your partner that you are both tested prior to engaging in unprotected sex. In that way, you are demonstrating that you are being responsible in ensuring that you take the sexual health of you and your partner seriously.
  8. I'm no expert but I believe theres no effects on blokes other than they can spread it but women can become sterile.
  9. I was talking to my Staff Sargent about this last night -

    try asking questions about past relationships, I did with said Staffy. from talking to each other we both knew each other was clean.

    It's a big trust issue on both sides so just ask.

  10. Sympathetic_Reaction

    Sympathetic_Reaction LE Book Reviewer

    My bold.....

    Depending on the person you can get men it can be the need to urinate often, itching in the urethra and a white discharge (no not the fun gunk)

    Chlymidia can cause permenant infertility in both sexes.

  11. The worlds population is 6,637,213,025 and rising by 75 million people per year.

    Sterility might not be all bad?
  12. why not suggest you get tested together? As you say, it has no symptoms so YOU could be carrying it and infecting her!!
  13. I think Steven needs some educating on STDs again! No long term damage? Fruitloop! :D

    I went down the route of having a full sexual health test (so HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis etc.) and telling my partner about it. Then asked if she wouldn't mind doing the same. If you've shown willing and have got yourself tested, there's no reason for her to say no (unless she IS a dirty bitch!)
  14. Try saying that when you're sterile and want a kid.