Partitions ~ Vista

My new ( ish ) vista s PC has a 320 gig hard drive. But it has been divided up in to 2 partitions / volumes C and F both are of roughly equal size, C is as normal with os , doc’s,music , porn and photo's etc etc. But the F partition is empty. If I delete this partition ( using the disc management tools ) would its capacity revert to the C partition ?

No it won't it will just leave you with a chunk of unallocated drive space, to do that you would have to reformat the drive. If you move your docs, porn etc to F: this will free up space on the C: The reason you normally do this is to keep the OS and your docs seperate so if the OS becomes corrupt you can format the c: without losing your docs etc. as they are on f:.
Some of the cleverer disk partition programs will allow you to increase the C partition but take a backup first!

I have a Samsung laptop and the backup image of the C drive is held on the second partition.


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