Partisan Hypocrisy Knows No Bounds and Has No Shame

Discussion in 'US' started by jumpinjarhead, May 4, 2013.

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  1. Our current Master is visiting Mexico, that paragon of effective and honest government and "apologizes' for guns going there from the US ( ) but curiously without any mention of His own administration's incredibly botched "sting" operation where hundred of full-auto guns were deliberately transferred to drug cartel members by US agents as a part of a "false flag" op (Fast and Furious" ) callously intended to bolster His administration's gun control efforts at the expense of the victims of the use of such weapons, including hundreds of innocent Mexicans and at least one US federal agent who was also a Marine combat veteran.
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  2. He's a politician, his own administration is about as effective as Mexico's. As to the "honest" part of your statement you're closer to his honesty or lack of it than I am, thankfully.
    The most important word is "current", time does pass and in less than four years he'll be gone, what he'll leave behind for the next occupant of the White House to try and contend with is better not to think about. At least for now.
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  3. JJH -

    Almost all politicians are hypocritical slime. This administration is just slimier than most. A decent man would admit that Fast and Furious was a major league cockup but one cannot expect any honesty from Obama and company. Like Bill Clinton, he only apologizes for the actions of others, not for anything he did. (but then again I have disliked Clinton since some time in 1967.
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  4. I was just running through the list of US presidents that I can remember, when I got to Carter I realised that you and he are both Gerorgians. It caused me considerable amusement!
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  5. I also hasten to add lest some of the usual posters again try to cast this merely as a partisan (racist, redneck, bigoted ad nauseam) critique, that I view virtually all of our national level politicians and our 2 major parties as merely being at different points on the same progressivist, more centralized government and increasingly extra-Constitutional continuum.
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  6. You could say the same of the UK.
    I was in Russia this week, there there is really only one party, or more accurately there there is really only one man.
    You at least have two.
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  7. This is unfair to Barry, you can't expect him to mention his DoJ's little fast and furious cock up, that'd be like shouting remmber the Alamo and then doing his Speedy Gonzalez impression.

    He's just down there to facilitate buisness as American manufacturers move out of China to shorten their expensive supply lines all the low wage jobs can get created in Mexico not the US of A. And the Mexicans are running out of oil so he has to grease the wheels of a new trade for his big oil backers as they frack their way to energy independence.

    The poor guy's got bigger things on his mind like ending the lawyerly cluster **** at Gitmo so he can get those poor beards embarrassingly starving themselves to death back out into the world. It's the only moral and just thing to do, after all 90 of them have been cleared of wrong doing, this is a stain on the American character created by the erring previous administration. You would not want to take any chances of course POTUS sanctioned drone strikes can discretely tidy the situation up from a security and constitutional law stand point.
  8. You are obviously at the top of your game today--a quite excellent post that has me still laughing.
  9. Give it time, give it time......
  10. Putin is what Russia needed and in many respects still does, much as KGB resident will disagree with me regarding that.
    The worry is who and what will follow when he does finally depart.
    Kennedy had Johnson ready to follow him, De Gaulle had Pompidou ready to follow him and Churchill had Eden and Thatcher Major. Though perhaps the less said about Eden and Major the better. Putin has no real successor and its not a healthy position.
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  11. old_fat_and_hairy

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  12. I can't watch the man anymore, his arrogance and insincerity are palpable and nauseating!
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  13. The whole business is barking mad, to be honest. Seventy thousand dead Mexicans sounds a lot, and of course it is, but around 150,000 yanks were killed by firearms in the US during the same period.

    And the drugs 'war' itself - deaths per annum in the US from illicit drugs: 4,500, as opposed to fags, 400,000 and booze, 800,000.

    Numbers of deaths per annum directly attributed to Maryjoanna - None. Nada. Zero. Ever.
  14. Stalin was also a Georgian.

    OK slightly different Georgia.

    PS The original one actually, not the copy.
    Retires to bunker.
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