part time work whilst still serving

Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by dave86, Aug 19, 2008.

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  1. Can anyone enlighten me as to what the army's regulations are regarding working part-time whilst still serving?

    A friend runs a security company and often needs extra staff to work shifts at events during the summer, would I be able to do that if it was just a couple days a year and fit in nicely with leave?
  2. You need the CO's permission. It's in QRs.

    If I ever get DII access again this century, I will get the link for you, but I think it depends what type of "security work" you are doing.
  3. I had a mate bounced for this a while back-security work of any kind is a no-no when it comes to part-time jobs whilst serving as is special constable and selling insurance (for some bizarre reason).
  4. Ok cheers,

    It would mostly consist of doing access control at gates and patrolling sites (and at one particular beer festival trying to finish off as much of the leftover unsold stock as humanly possible)

    Would it be easier to get permission if i described it as 'event stewarding' rather than security?
  5. Event stuarding sounds good . Very clever.

    But ask your mate about SIA licence - you could find you need one to be legal.
  6. Some of the Regs are for your protection, such as parity of pay with other oiks doing the same job.
  7. Here you go.

  8. Cheers for the link, I guess the words "in any form" mean that its pretty much a no then, regardless of what job title I might try and attach to it.
  9. does anone have a template for the content of a letter req permission to have an off duty job as one of the lads here is making one up and could do with a template?
  10. You could always just do it and not say nowt?
  11. yeah but if something happened whilst you were working for a civi company with no permission , it will all roll down to you, a majority of the co's are likely to say yes as long as it doesnt and wont interfier with your job