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Help, can someone out there please clarify the position on members of HMF (Army) working or seeking employment part time, where is this covered in Queens regulations, Armed Forces Act etc...

The reason.. concerns Commonwealth soldiers serving with the British Army under Section 8(4) of the Immigration Act 1971. He/she is not subject to any conditions or limitation on the period of stay in the UK.

As far as I am concerned irrespective or there nationality, if someone enlists in the British Army they then obviously fall under military law not Immigration law...can some please clarify this. :?
Here's the Queens regs part about employment off duty.

Employment during Leave or Off Duty Hours
J5.078. A member of the regular forces may, with the approval of his commanding officer, accept temporary employment during normal leave or part-time employment during off duty hours provided that:

a. The activity does not involve the use of official time or affect the individual's efficiency as a member of his Service.
b. The activity does not involve the use of official information.
c. The activity will not bring the Service into disrepute.
d. Service uniform is not worn.

e. Where an individual takes paid employment, he is not paid at a rate lower than that paid to a civilian in like employment.
f. Where it is known that a trade dispute is in progress, off duty employment with a civilian organisation affected by the dispute is not to be accepted without the specific permission of the Ministry of Defence (PS2(A)) or, overseas, of the appropriate superior military authority. Where there is doubt about the existence of a trade dispute the matter is to be referred to superior authority and, if necessary, the full circumstances are to be reported to the Ministry of Defence as quickly as possible with a recommendation as to the course to be followed.
g. Permission must not be given for individuals to undertake employment, whether temporary or part time, in any of the following fields:
(1) As a retained fireman.
(2) As a member of any constabulary including MOD and Railway Police.
(3) As a security guard in any form (this includes acting as `bouncers' in night-clubs, discotheques or public houses).
(4) As an insurance agent, or any form of financial agent, except that, with the prior permission of the commanding officer, Service personnel may accept the position of agent where this acceptance does not involve selling insurance or giving advice on insurance or financial matters, but is intended solely to satisfy a professional requirement to enable them during the ensuing 2 years to take up employment in this field on leaving the Service.
h. When an individual is posted to another unit, the new commanding officer's approval to continue off duty employment is to be obtained.
i. The advice of the Ministry of Defence (PS2 (A)) is to be sought through the chain of command where there are doubts about the acceptability of any form of off duty employment.
j. In cases involving participation in a commercial advertisement the matter is to be referred to the Ministry of Defence (PS2 (A)).
k. Commanding officers are to maintain a central record of all approved applications to undertake off duty employment. The record of an individual's approved application is to be retained for as long as he remains at the unit.

Hope this helps.
Military law applies to soldiers in addition to civvy law, not instead of. Quite often - as you see in this case - it's more restrictive. Where they overlap determining which one takes precedence in what circumstance can be quite complicated.

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