Part-time soldier sacked


I suggest their has been a major break down of communication here. Never happens at your station does it?! Don’t think the MoD will shoot themselves in the foot in such a spectacular way intentionally. Probably some civi manager with the IQ of a crisp involved here.

But you don’t care about that at all really do you? You just want to go on strike on Thursday and try to undermine people much braver than you. Your previous posts have shown what an infantile uneducated fool you are anyway.

Shame on you. :mad: :mad: :mad:



I know you won`t believe me but it wasn`t a piss take .
I thought it might have been of interest to some of you
If you want me to remove it I will .

I would have thought the thickest clerk would have enough sense to think  this one through .
If he was sacked for theft, buggery, burgalry and treason he could walk straight into a cushy number in the fire brigade.
The question here, was it an FTRS or a compulsory mobilisaion?

I think, if compulsory, isn't the civvy employer legally bound to keep her job open?

Also, aren't MOD supposed to offer the civvy employer some sort of compensation package, so he can get a temp in?

Anyone qualified to comment? - And I mean QUALIFIED.


Not that I don’t believe you just that I think the person involved has the IQ of a marble. You assume the fire brigade has the monopoly on stupidity when it comes to man/woman management. Understandable when you look at the level of intelligence of the FBU.

As I said you had narrower thoughts in mind when it came to posting it. ::)

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