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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by SeanGoesPop, Aug 23, 2007.

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  1. TA do have pilots, they are normally ex-reg AAC. I the unit is at Middle Wallop and flies Gazzels
  2. Not Possible unless you were a pilot in the regular AAC
  3. I understand there is a unit up here in chilly jock land. If I remember correctly they are based out of Luchars and fly Gazzels but I stand to be corrected. In addition again I stand to be corrected but as I understand it entry to such units requires you to be qualified to fly beforehand i.e. if your not ex AAC or do some other form of chopper flying for a living then forget it.
    ahhhhh found the very chaps..
  4. Oh right cool, thank's.

    Suppose I can join up in one for university and get to learn odd bits and bob's there before joining the AAC full time as a pilot.

    Thank's for the information mates.
  5. Know of a friend of a friend who was in a reservist element of a SAR unit and was offered the opportunity to learn.. Ages ago though.
  6. I suppose if you can pass the test, and can get the AFCO to get you as a full timer when you leave university and you fit the size requirments (and I do, but if I grow another inch taller I'd be too tall) I suppose they should teach you how to fly.

    Anyway, once again thank you for the information.
  7. As has been suggested, 7 Regt AAC(V) recruit pilots almost exclusively from former regular AAC pilots. They fly Gazelle. The Regt HQ is based at Netheravon as well as 658 Sqn and 666 Sqn but there are two flights based at Shawbury (6 Flt) and Leuchars (3 Flt).
  8. Thank you Flashy. Correcting Polars mistruths again...... Tut tut.
  9. do the RAF have part time pilots? I know they have Reserve Squadrons but how do they recruit the pilots? Is it the same as the AAC?
  10. Not quite as simple as that, I'm afraid.

    AAC ethic is to have good Officers that can fly rather than good pilots that can pass the commissioning course. That means you have to do well at Sandhurst.

    However your route to AAC Pilot should be:-
    AFCO tell them what you want to do
    Filter Interview
    RCB at Westbury
    OASC RAF Cranwell for aptitude tests and medical - here is where your size is measured 6' 3" is OK but it depends on things like reach and upper leg length
    If you pass aptitude and medical you'll get a Familiarisation visit to Middle Wallop
    After Uni you'll go to Sandhurst and if you make the grade you'll go to RAF Cranwell/Barkston Heath for elimentary flying training.
    Then on to Shawbury for Rotary.
  11. Before Bat Crab steps in.... "They're all fcuking part-time"
  12. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    There is IIRC a reserve sqn at Leeming
    But they are all ex fast jet boys who fly the required hours to stay current
    I don't think any of the services train TA or reserve pilots from scratch Given the hours and skills required it wouldn't make sense to try and do it over a few weekends
  13. onThere is no reserve flying sqn at Leeming. There are a few ex-regular pilots flying on 25 and 100 Sqns, but they remain regular sqns.
  14. 4th_of_foot gives you the concise rundown of the process, however, RCB is now AOSB, and you will attend an AOSB briefing prior to main board. Other than that, a good rundown. I recommend visiting the Officer and Aviation threads in this site for info regarding joining the AAC as an Officer and the general process of joining as an Officer.

    And Flashy has provided the full info required Re: AAC TA.