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Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by bloodgroup_o+, Jul 25, 2010.

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  1. Does anyone on here still serving have a second job/has had one? It's not a case here of too much month not enough money, just my unit is on a bit of wind down soon and I'd like to spend my free evenings/Sundays adding to the kids trust fund and was wondering what sort of jobs have worked out well for soldiers when taking into account leave/ops/exercises/sport etc. I have an SIA license but it needs renewed and I dont fancy working on the doors again if I can help it as I'm looking to do it more during the week and have most of the weekend free if possible.Did consider rent boy/pornstar but it seems the taxman would hammer me more than already plus the mrs would want a cut so that ones binned <:-( Cheers
  2. I know a few lads who have done Agency Driving in the past, however with European Drivers hours legislation it can be complicated nowdays.
  3. I've had a few jobs. IIRC the restrictions were nothing that would interfere with your normal job for example working late sunday night so you are knackered monday, no security jobs and that includes working the doors, nothing in military uniform. You must ask your CO for permission.
    One of my jobs was hyster driving for an agency, my mates did HGV driving for the same agency. It can be very good money for temp work.
  4. Im not sure that's right, almost all our security at festivals are current serving soldiers on summer holidays.
  5. I used to do bar work on an evening. Money wasn't great but it was all extra cash. My wife used to do it with me too, so she could never whinge that we never did anything as a couple.
  6. I have driven on leave before. Browns in Spalding weren't too bad to drive for; wages were pretty damn good but you could end up doing some long hours. DO NOT work for Lenhams (a company just outside Andover).

    I do know guys who have set up their own businesses which they do in their own time. As far as I am aware you can work part time off duty so long as you aren't a bouncer. You have to get the same pay and conditions as your civvy collegues as well.
  7. Ravers

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    Get yourself signed up to an events company. I used to do bar work, waiting tables, manning cloakrooms etc. Usually after 5 minutes of realising you can speak English and you are not a scabby student, the management will give you a walkie talkie and a position of responsibility.

    Basically I spent my leave going to posh city parties, drinking free booze and pulling drunk chicks and Eastern European waitresses. The going rate was about £100 per 10 hour shift, but it was a complete doss and often cash in hand. If you were on table or cloakroom duty you could always rely on around £30 worth of tips as well.

    This is the site I used to use not sure if it's still running: Welcome | Want Work
  8. I used to work the weekends on the door to the Pleasuredome/Bonkers in Sennelager. No problem at all from the Badge man/CO. I had to write a letter asking permission, and a couple of interviews. One with the CO to approve it, and one from the badgeman to say that he wanted to know which of his lads were fighting when asked (yeah right!)