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Hello all,
I am a Corpral the Irish Defence forces and i have a bit of a problem, the path of carrer advancement i would like to aim for is to be commissioned from the ranks, but to best be able to get this i would like a qulification behind all my military courses, so the question i pose to you is what course would be interesting and beneficial to both my own career and the military too, also i would have to be able to do the course in ireland or online or through distance learning. thank you for your time and input.
Depends on your corps and expertise is suppose.

The DF were sending people on DIT's BSc (Hons) in Logistics and Supply Chain Management, it is full-time but the hours aren't really full-time.

Alternatively what about studying PE Education of something like that? Try and get BPEO?

Your assuming they will run another CFR course!

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