Part P or Fibre Jointer

Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by snips450, Jan 6, 2009.

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  1. Ello,

    I've got a choice of doing a fibre optic jointing course
    (City & Guilds Fasttrack 3666-01/04 Unit 1 & 4 )

    Or a Part P course with

    Has anyone done any of these course and what advise would you give.

    I'm currently an ex BT copper jointer(CSE) that is now working as a self employed CATV installer.Things are slow at the mo and I was thinking of doing another course to add another string to my bow.

  2. why would you want to do part p if ur in telecomms, surely fibre course would be more skilled and suited to telecomms??
  3. I'm looking to do a course that will give me more quals & work as I'm self employed.Work at the mo is up in the air,so do i stay with the telco side of things or do i move onto the sparky side of things?

    I'm after info on people who have done these types of courses.Were they worth the money and have they got a decent amount of work since completing them.I've seen prev threads about fibre jobs being on short supply and was wondering if this is still the case.
  4. It is just as slow in fibre as it is in copper. If youa re in the trade ask around as theres a lot of fibre guys currently climbing poles back on copper these days.
  5. Alright mate i can speak for the fibre side of things, i recently did a course and finding it pretty diffucult to find work as they all seem to be asking for experience engineers, but that does not mean to say there is no work out there you just gotta look harder.

    Best of luck
  6. Cool Thanks guys for the info about fibre.

    I think I'm going to go for the Part P side of things,has anyone done it?
  7. Not sure how doing a classroom based course will give you the Part P qualification as I was led to believe that it is workplace based assessment conducted on site (for domestic electricians anyway). You have to build up a portfolio of work that you have done and that has been assessed by someone from the awarding body).

    The Part P 'qualification' that is offered under the forces resettlement package is just an assessment to see whether your work is up to the standard required to pass the Part P inspection process.

    I'm going down this path for resettlement this year and have got a friend that has just gone through the whole resettlement process to train as an electrician. He was advised to spend his money on something other than the Part P assessment week with CTP as 'in the opinion of the person that advised him' he'd be better off keeping his money in the bank.

    Are you sure this Part P training isn't the same as above and is just a bit of a con?
  8. I've been in touch with at the NICEIC training place in Dunstable and it wouldn't be a problem for me.As for the assesment that is done in the classroom and I think they have to come out to 2 seperate jobs after wards to confirm that you are work is up to standard.Then you can self cert your work.

    I don't think it is a con as I've spoken to quite a few friends who are sparks aswell and they think it's good value for money.Espech the fact I'm getting the 17th edition aswell.
  9. As your a jointer I take it you already have your Chapter 8 ticket for NRSWA(operative) see about getting it as a supervisor doing the rest of the modules for the civils side as supervisor it's a few days in the class room will open a few more doors for you . Even my mate is commenting on how quiet it is he's never known it so bad.