Part of Antarctica named after QE2

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Part of Antarctica named 'Queen Elizabeth Land' as gift for Diamond Jubilee

Part of Antarctica has been named after the Queen as a Diamond Jubilee gift from the Foreign Office. Queen Elizabeth Land is a 169,000 square mile chunk of the British Antarctic Territory. It is twice the size of the UK and makes up almost a third of Britain’s claim on the polar continent.
Part of Antarctica named 'Queen Elizabeth Land' as gift for Diamond Jubilee - Telegraph

Should get the Argentines chuntering.
I don't suppose one is allowed to conduct oil and gas exploration on the Antarctic continent because of the danger to wildlife, etc. but it would be a massive thumb in the eye to the Argies if a rich field of oil and gas was found. Kirchner would be simply frothing at the mouth. :p :p :p
Unfortunatly mercopress hasnt covered it yet so no delightlful tears of impotent rage from the useless spic although the cruise liner thread is delivering
Placemats? Who the **** gave out PLACEMATS to Her Majesty for a Diamond Jubilee gift? :? :threaten: What minister thought that one up ought to be hung upside down in the Tower by his cock! :rmp::muhaha:


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woudn't calling it the 'non argentine province of saxe coburg' sound better?woul
I can see it now. Establish a good sized BAS base there and then make a claim for sovereignty of Argentina. The games afoot!


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Great news your Ma'am! You are now ruler of a million penguins and an unlimited supply of snowballs.
the next step would be to declare it a tax haven then invite santa to relocate.


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it doesn't have a secret nazi u boat base in it does it? old liz does have a few family connections in that dept.

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