Part Ex BFG Tax free in UK Help needed

Evening Gents

Some advice/help required from any of you with experiences Part Ex’ing BFG Tax free cars in the UK.
Basically I am changing my car at the 1 year point through a BFG dealership. The dealership toted my outgoing car around to get the best part ex price. They opted to use a car broker who they have had previous dealings with. I am now required to take my car back to the UK, re-register it then hand it over. No posh dealership, shiny showrooms etc, nothing to reassure me that all is well. Essentially I am required to hand the keys of my £25000+ car to a stranger in a car park and walk away with a worthless invoice/receipt. The money will be transferred to the dealership in due course. You can see my concerns, what if the Broker goes bust or does a runner? Is my part ex deal with the dealership or with the broker? Can I protect myself in anyway against this going wrong? Even the “original headed letter” required for re-registering with DVLA is basically a self printed affair with a private address, mobile number and illegible signature!
The BFG Dealership involved are a major operator out here and are unconcerned, apparently this type of transaction is common. Am I being overly paranoid? Ultimately part ex prices are so weak and beggars can’t be too choosey.

Thoughts anyone

Sorry buddy, having served 11 years in BFG during my full service it sounds a little circumspect to me. If it was me, I would expect the cash to clear before I parted company with my car, or at least ask the broker (The well known car dealership) to provide a letter of guarantee.

Having said that, name and shame the key players, it might shed a little more light on the situation, it might also ring a few bells.

I did something similar when I got my first tax free car from Cars Direct, not sure whether that is the people you are dealing with. It was at the Renaissance Hotel at Heathrow and I traded my car in and a few hours later got my tax free one from Cars Direct at the same hotel.

Bear in mind though that my car was not worth £25k when I was trading it in though, but it was all above board and went pretty smoothly to be honest.

Hope it does for you too !!

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