Part C (2 Weeks) of the New Recruits course

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Flash_Eliminator, Feb 11, 2007.

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  1. So, I've just completed parts A and B of my recruits course and in 2 weeks time I will be off to part C for my 2 weeks course. I have a few questions for those who have already completed this course under the new system.

    Basically I'm looking for info on what I will be completing on this course and what you thought about it. Any tips that you have or any knowledge that you can share would be of great help.

    I'd also like some tips on the sort of kit (non issued) that you found really helpfull or you wish you'd taken with you.

    If you're about to attend this course please feel free to PM me!
  2. Try your hardest to take an iron and ironing board (preferably decent ones), some starch and loads of boot polish. You can usually buy stuff there, but Naafi prices are relatively a rip-off if you're tight on cash.

    From what I remember, on mine at Grantham they didn't let you take anything into the field that would give you an unfair advantage over other soldiers, whether that was a one-off or whether thats just Grantham I don't know - so whilst thermos mugs, mini gas cookers and Buffalo jackets are great when you're a trained soldier, I'd be wary of buying stuff like that now.

    A radio for when you're in your own time is always comforting to have, whilst you're doing your kit.

    An outdoor knife is usually useful (you don't need to have a massive blade), some black electrical tape, some zinc tape (available from Boots - to tape up your feet prior to tabs).

    Again - I have no idea how it is now, but I wished I'd took a few more pieces of personal clothing, as you'll probably be wearing it after you're dismissed for the day.

    A laundry bag (one of those white linen nets) - quite useful if you want to bung your stuff in a washing machine with a few other peeps.

    I'll post if I think of anything more, but that's all that came to mind straight away.
  3. Is that the consensus, or is it just Grantham? What about Bassingbourne?
  4. Part C the new CMS(R) part 2, I assume, but done at the point wherre Part 3 Gap would've been?
  5. The new Phase 1 training seems to be:

    Phase 1A: 3 Weekends Run by Unit

    Phase 1B: 4 Weekends Run by your Brigade Training Team

    Phase 1C: 2 Week CMS(R) run by the Regulars

    I THINK!
  6. Yikes. Isn't that a shorter basic training than before? Is stuff cut out or is it just organised to deliver stuff more effectively?

    Edited to add: By stuff, I mean, ya know, training wiv gunz and gass maskz and stuff.

    *switches off Mong Lobes*
  7. Thats only Phase 1 though, theres still the Special to Arm training.
  8. Nope, it is currently as follows.


    Phase 1A&B - 6 Weekends run by the Brigade at Malta Barracks (however 3PWRR are now conducting their own training at Farnham.
    Phase 1C - 3 Weekends run by Brigade at Malta Barracks.
    Phase 2 - CIC (2 Weeks)at Catterick run by Regs, or other Special to Arm course.
  9. Ah right, I think that Inf are different to all arms.

    Anyone know the definitive answer?
  10. 6 weekends by Bde

    If Inf do 3 extra weekends

    then 2 weeks course (the inf has its own one)
  11. For us, we had Selection and Induction at our Unit, which is two weekends. Then we have Part A which is two weekends covering pretty much what we did in Selection and Induction. Then part B consists of 4 weekends where you learn the skills that you will need for part C. Then we have Part C which is a 2 week course.

    My part C is in Grantham and I will be going on 23rd Feb.

    I have been to Bassingbourne before as I did a short stint in the regs and we were allowed to take whatever we wanted in the field, the more the better in fact as it added to the weight in our Burgens! But that was 6 years ago, things might have changed.

    I never thought of bringing an ironing board, but I always take an iron. I figured they might have that there. But I think I will take my own!
  12. Thats the process at my lot

    Phase 1A = Unit run, x amount of drill nights and 2 w/e
    Phase 1B = x amount of drill nights at unit plus 4 w/e at Bde
    Phase 1C = 2 weeks CMSR

    Phase 2 = ???? Skill to arm training
  13. I'm doing a 2 week course down at Winchester in March. from what I gather it's all the weekends condensed into a 2 week stint. It's not CIC though. I still have to do that later.
  14. Just to add my 2 cents worth,
    1a TAFS 1 & 2, TAFS 1 run at unit level, for now, April may see changes.
    TAFS 2 run by RTCs
    Part 1b dependant on Arm/service ALL do 4 weeks, then the OA&S depart for their part 1c, run by the ATRs, Inf stay on for further 3 weeks prior to CIC (their part 1C) run by RTCs

    This is as laid down by Land, so there!
  15. Ikea sell mini ones, will fit in the bottom of an issued black holdall.