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Hi, just wondering whether anybody could give me a run down on my 9 day part B at Grantham. I have heard people say that very few people get through this as they get put back due to all the tests you have to pass. Does anybody know if this is true? im a bit worried
Worry less.

All will be explained by your recruit staff.

80 odd on my part b, don't think anyone didn't pass. Similar 80 odd on 1c, four failed the run on the second day (it was very windy and the DS decided not to do the beep test insted), two went home on their own and one tiny little girl was pulled off the CFT for her own safety (it was very windy again).

PM me if you want more info.
I did my part B there in October. First thing, don't worry. The instruction there comes down to BCD- Battlefield Casualty Drills, Navigation, Weapon drills and NCBR- Nuclear, Chemical, Biological and Radiological and you will be tested on all these subjects plus your fitness test (1.5 mile, sit ups and push ups) at the end. It sounds a lot but you will be instructed by the regs in 5 training Reg and they know there stuff. I think we had one person fail the whole nine days but they caught him cheating in the nav test.
You will arrive about 1400 on the Friday and from there you will be put in sections and rooms. After that you will pick up a load more kit from stores. On the wall will be a picture of how your locker should be sorted. Don't add or leave anything out, do it as the picture!! If the person next to you can't be arsed to do their locker help them or put them straight. Make sure you lock your draw in your locker and foot locker. You will have inspections and fail them, don't worry about it, listen to why you failed and correct the fault.
On Friday night you will have a night in the field on the training ground at Grantham. On the tab out there and back try to get to the front as it makes it easier.
Don't be all gobby and draw attention to yourself. Be noticed for the right reasons.
PM me if you want to know anything else.
Hope this helps.

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