Part A weekend 2 (TAF2) and o/t q?


I completed my RSC weekend and signed my life away! I enjoyed it and was suprised how relaxed it all seemed to be....

now im going to my second weekend in a few weeks and wondered?? will it be as relaxed as my first weekend or are they like that just to get you to sign up!

Off topic...

Late one night a Corporal ( in high spirits after a tipple or 5) was puffing up his feathers and challenged anyone to a 1.5 mile run, claimed to be able to do it in 8.5 mins... no one accepted the challenge as we were newbies, but is the done thing to keep quiet or if we felt up to it should we have picked up the gauntlet?

(BTW the corporal wasnt exactaly built for speed and felt it might have been more like 18 mins . . i know looks can be decieving but trust me :sweatdrop: .......)


Maybe once youve been in a while, then you can take up this Cpl's challenge.

His show boating will be alcohol induced, so just ignore him, atleast until your out of recruit training.


If this full screw was part of the training team, then he's a complete arrse, if he's not then he's just an arrse.

Ignore him in both instances.
You know I think thats half the problem with training teams, you either get really switched on cookies or you get twats who are still wet behind the ears and complete twats. If any training team types read this and disagree then I'm sorry.

I always remember a trade training cycle when an "instructor" tried to tell me that a dehumidifier was in fact an NBC scrubber, he only did one weekend as an instructor

Has anyone got anything good to say about instructors on basic..... ?

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