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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by big_un, Feb 3, 2013.

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  1. Hi,
    I'm currently having a slight drama with my pay, which has come about as a result of an incorrectly recorded substantive date for a promotion at a previous unit.

    I believe that promotions are listed on Part 2 Orders, is any Clerk type person able to confirm this, and also explain exactly what Part 2 Orders are as I'm not 100% clear.

  2. Part 2 Orders used to be published in the old days of PAMPAS & UNICOM - they have not been pubished in any unit since 2007 (Army) 2006 for the other 2 services so I'm afraid if you're looking for them you're gonna have a long wait !!!
  3. Part Ones are as you say 'Daily Orders' .... Part 2s were the print offs that were spat out of PAMPAS/UNICOM and detailed what administrative action had taken pleace on an individual - if you need to see what has been done on JPA regarding your promotion ask one of your Unit HR Staff to show you your JPA record.
  4. Not sure how other arms and services do business regarding this subject but REME issue a Corps Order in lieu of part 2 order. This is published on the MS web page and is used as the authority to grant substantive rank with seniority date. Maybe your Arm does it in a similar fashion. Hope this helps.

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  5. Cheers for that.

    I'm clearly showing my age.

    The JPA data is the one causing the problem; so its off to hunt down Corps Orders then.

  6. Big_un. Your friendly clerk should be able to look on JPA and tell you what was done regarding your promotion and when. Equally, your RCMO should know if the dates are right or wrong. If things have been done incorrectly, it is likely that Glasgow will need to make any amendments. The Corps Order may (or may not) just re-enforce the info your RCMO gives you.
  7. If it's any help the RN had daily orders in the 60's
  8. My lad who serves in the REME, got his full screw in October, but wasn't told about it until last Friday... No seriously! If that is an example of JPA admin, may i suggest that the Army return to the aforementioned PAMPAS system, and the old Part two's. Still, at least he was eventually told, and has not lost any seniority. Plus he will enjoy a fat pay packet this month.