Part 1b


Hi all just looking for a bit of a heads up to what i should expect to be up to on the part 1b of the new module training. Its for eight days consecutive and not the four weekends.

Thanks all


Anyhow, from my mates who have just finished its basically loads of PT, circuit training, PFT etc, some map reading, a bit of NBC (or CBRN or whatever its called this week) and the other 90% of the time is learning all about the gat. You spend one night out and then the final day will be testing on what you have learnt during the week. If you fail then you can't go on and do part1C.

You'll need full set of NBC kit from Chilwell, don't turn up without it or they will send you home. Also need PT kit, green shirt of some kind, blue shorts and own trainers.
You have to pass a PFT in 14 minutes, and pass a very basic BCDT, CBRN and the Weapon Handling Test. Some basic fieldcraft, one night out in the field.

If you can't do that by the end of the course, you shouldn't be a member of the human race, yet alone the TA.


as above,just done my 1B,harder than i anticipated but i passed all the units first time,brilliant training staff and good food

lots of PT,room inspections and 4 days of weapons followed by the test,1 mile tab to overnight stay and a night patrol lots of late nights ironing and swatting up ,looking back it was a great experience
all the dregs left after a couple of days and left a core of good mucker's

top banana,looking forward to my 1C

anyone need more info message me




Hi Praetorian

my 1C is penciled in for either Sept,Oct or Nov.

i don't want to wait that long so i'm going to get into my training staffs ribs and push for a 1C at the end of June, most of the guys and girls from my 1B will be on that one.Some of the chaps from my 1B are back this Friday for the 1C the crazy fools......

i need a rest as i'm old :D


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