An extract from Samuel Pepys diary, dated Tuesday 4 September 1666, at the time of the Great Fire of London. It goes as follows:

Up by break of day to get away the remainder of my things; which I did by a lighter at the Iron gate and my hands so few, that it was the afternoon before we could get them all away. Sir W. Pen and I to Tower- streete, and there met the fire burning three or four doors beyond Mr. Howell’s, whose goods, poor man, his trayes, and dishes, shovells, &c., were flung all along Tower-street in the kennels, and people working therewith from one end to the other; the fire coming on in that narrow streete, on both sides, with infinite fury. Sir W. Batten not knowing how to remove his wine, did dig a pit in the garden, and laid it in there; and I took the opportunity of laying all the papers of my office that I could not otherwise dispose of. And in the evening Sir W. Pen and I did dig another, and put our wine in it; and I my Parmazan cheese, as well as my wine and some other things.

He obviously prized his Parmesan cheese so highly as to bury it away, safe from the ravages of the advancing conflagration. He probably bought in Waitrose where it's even more expensive than usual.
I think the same thing happened to Bombay Duck, which was a dried fish appetiser once popular (God knows why) in Indian restaurants. The fish was dried on Bengali docksides in amongst all the sh1t and with pariah dogs cocking their legs over it. Which is exactly how it tasted.
A pal of mine in Customs made his name seizing a consignment of said "foodstuffs".
Crash official vehicles, shag the wrong secretary, no problem.
Seize a forty foot container of "Bombay Duck" in a chi chi accent?
Scottish distant Isles for you .
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