parliment dont give a s****

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by tropper66, Feb 5, 2009.

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  1. At todays debate on Afghanistan only 15 members can be seen in the house, just shows the amount of interest shown by MPs
  2. are we at war, or 'on operations'? 8O
  3. they all far too busy running around spending up on the expense accounts then to be bothered by any war.
  4. The people of Iceland are trying to get rid of parliment and run the country like a web forum
  5. Interestingly, one of the standard responses given in political science and political philosophy against the direct democracy model surrounds the lack of technology to make it feasible. However, that argument no longer holds much weight, though there are other fundamental objections to the direct model that are more difficult to address. What will 'democracy' look like in ten or twenty years, I wonder.
  6. The use of the internet caused the government downfall

    check out THE ICELAND WEATHER REPORT on the web
  7. It's likely that history will record that the Icelandic government was ultimately brought down by the consequences of their reckless, blinkered, and greedy economic policy decisions, as well as the politicians' subservience to the banks.

    However, the internet did allow Icelanders to receive and disseminate information rapidly. Without the net, would the people of Iceland have been able to develop an understanding of why their country finds itself in such dire straits?

    An interesting question is, could the internet and technology allow citizens to have direct participation in the political process? Or do the masses find themselves disenfranchised through lack of technical (political, economic, and philosophical) knowledge. Will the game forever be rigged in the favour of an elite of political and financial technocrats?
  8. Yep

    Sheffield Attercliffe for instance is really disenfranchised :roll:
  9. Is that sarcasm I sense, Sven? From you? Well, I never would have expected that. Would you expand on your statement please. In particular, would you argue that there is no democratic deficit in Britain, and that there are no individuals or groups who find themselves disenfranchised to some extent?

  10. Where's Guy Fawkes when we need the cnut?

    Mind you, with only 15 in the House it'd be a bit of a waste of powder..........

    Perhaps we need a 'clock in' system in the House of Commons. MPs clock in and clock out - and receive pay and expenses proportional to the amount of time they spend in the workplace.
  11. Can't have that, it would interfear with all their real jobs
  12. Of course people feel disenfranchised, but it is not so. Racists feel that way, the BNP feel that way- but they have the vote, they have the right to meet and discuss their viewpoint and so long as it doesn't slander other people or state intolerance of other races then they have free speech.

    Living where I do I could go off on a disenfranchisement whinge, given that there isn't that much chance of a Lib Dem MP getting in. But I have the above, I have the right to try and convince others to come round to my way of thinking - and so does everyone else.
  13. How do you know that they weren't 'in the House' then Tom?
  14. They might have been in the house but they did not show up for the debate It's thursday,the house don't sit on friday it's a case of FOTF
  15. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    Bloody typical - too above themselves to even be in work for POETS