Parliamentary E-petitions

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by POGscribbler, Aug 4, 2011.

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  1. It will be debated, but the namby pamby Labour twats would ensure it would fail.
  2. I was number 25 on the list of signatures on the "Death Penalty debate" petition.
  3. Ohh a second thread on the same subject. Means I can quote myself

  4. Well bully for you!
  5. Well one of the other petitions is withdrawing from ECHR.

    None of this will ever be debated, and votes in the commons are not binding.
  6. Will you be my new internet-dad? You're ****ing amazing.
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  7. Are you seriously suggesting there are 3-400,000 users in the ARRSE community? I doubt that figure (unless I have completely mis-understood you).
  8. Didn't you already say that?
  9. Whats the ****ing point?

    The UK CAN NOT legislate to restore the death penalty until we withdraw from the EHCR.

    So even if 10 million people sign up and all the politicians have a nice all expenses paid gabfest about it they will still be exactly as far off bringing it back as they are now.

    Completely pointless exercise designed to make the lumpen mass think they are making a difference.
  10. Not strictly true. It could be legislated and the ECHR would have to make a declaration of incompatibility, which would put the ball back in Parliament's court to revoke the legislation.

    ECHR has no method of enforcement. If you don't obey it, troops aren't going to start landing on the beachers. It is obeyed only by those who choose to obey it.
  11. We have a rapidly diminishing HM forces admittedly

    However we still have a massive community of ex servicemen and women and their wives, husbands, and kids around the world many of which subscribe to ARRSE.......... lets also not forget potential recruits and sympathetic supporters

    This not just about ARRSE we should factor in other sympathetic web communities too


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