Just had a thought, wondered if anyone knew the answer
Can a serving soldier,commissioned or not, sit as an MP?
I know some former officers are now MP's or in the Lords .
There are at least two sitting MPs I can think of who are currently serving as TA officers who have been on TELIC tours.

I'm pretty sure a regular officer would have to resign his commission if he stood for Parliament though.

Reason for asking,DOES the Army/Armed Forces need a vocal element in the place.
Might be an idea to stop all these closures/amalgamations/de-commissionings. After all, who else gets the country out of the smelly brown stuff?(Fire strikes, foot& mouth etc)
Mainly as we don't seem to be able to rely on senior officers to adequately fight the corner.
The Electoral Commission

To become a Member of Parliament a person must be 21 or more years old and be a British citizen, a citizen of another Commonwealth country or a citizen of the Republic of Ireland. Citizens of other European Union countries are not eligible.
The following are disqualified from sitting in the House of Commons:
~ peers who sit in the House of Lords;
~ bishops (known as the Lords Spiritual) who are entitled to sitand vote in the House of Lords;
~ undischarged bankrupts;
~ certain persons holding offices of profit under the Crown including:
- holders of judicial office;
- civil servants;
- members of the armed forces or
- police forces;

- members of the legislature of any country or territory outside the Commonwealth;
- Government-nominated directors of commercial companies;
~ prisoners - a person found guilty of one or more offences and sentenced to more than 12 months imprisonment is disqualified while detained in the United Kingdom, Channel Islands, Isle of Man or the Republic of Ireland;
~ people found guilty of certain electoral offences (corrupt or illegal practices.
DEEFER said:
I note that it does not exclude the insane !
It does, but I didn't extend the quote far enough:

Detailed lists of people who are barred are set out in schedules to the House of Commons Disqualification Act 1975. There is also a common law rule that ‘idiots’ are disqualified for election to Parliament and that ‘lunatics’ are disqualified in their non-lucid intervals, but this has not been tested in recent times in the courts.
An idea I had around the time of the general election, a propos all the usual problems of service personnel not registering to vote in time, was the prospect of a couple of Forces' seats. There's a precedent for this (in a way - the University seats for Oxford and Cambidge, although I think Oxbridge alumni could still vote in their local seat, as well as for their university seat). It would ensure that there were a couple of MPs who were on our side, although it would be slightly invidious... Thoughts?
ah DB I stand corrected. Similar rules for entering a contract then ?. Although it does seem that there are a few loonys in parliament, maybe they become detached from reality sometime after being elected.
We already have politicians to 'represent' us in Parliament: all those tossers with responsibility at MoD. The problem is how do we stop them from dropping their pants, bending over and being butt-fcuked by Fat Gordon at every budget (while saying 'more please Big Man!')? Gordon Brown, possibly one of the most devious and dishonest fat shiites to inhabit No11 Downing Street has had the common sense NEVER to visit an Army base. He has visited one RNR base in his constituency (once). This is lefty who hates the Forces, and who's main aim is making every Subject in Britain (less of the 'citizen' shiite please) dependent on state handouts (thus trying to ensure the Tories never get elected). He hates people who can stand on their own and stand above the chav scum lowest-denominator.

One possible answer is this: every time Reid or one of his minor functionaries visits you on exercise, in camp, etc; make sure you trap the little fcukers fingers in a turret hatch or something. Apologise with: 'if we had the funding there is a new version of this that prevents this happening'. It might give the invertebrates a bit of spine before the next budget.

Dread , your post edited . PTP
Well Sir Humphrey states that, if its Labour, then its 40 grubby men in overalls who select the candidate. If it Liberal, then its 40 women in silly hats who select the prospective MP. Theres not much choice really. I really would have liked to see Lord Sutch get a crack at it. He could not do worse than what you have today!. Alas, Vale, Lord Sutch. He was a loony but what a great loony he was !. Then there is the first past the post voting system.......................................
To add to previous answers, this is from Part 14 of QRs for the Army:

Parliamentary Candidature
a. Attention is called to the Servants of the Crown (Parliamentary Candidature) Order 1960 reproduced at Annex I to this Chapter, with which members of the armed forces to whom that Order applies are required to comply.
b. In addition, no member of the armed forces to whom that Order would apply may announce himself in any manner as a candidate for election to the European Parliament, the Parliament of the Irish Republic or to any legislative assembly of the Commonwealth.
J5.585. Any person to whom the Order mentioned in para J5.584a applies and who desires to stand as a parliamentary candidate or who seeks election as in para J5.584b must make application through higher authority to retire voluntarily or to resign or to be granted a free discharge. In his own interests he should make application as early as possible. Approval of an application will depend on the exigencies of the Service. An unsuccessful candidate will have no right to reinstatement. A candidate or prospective candidate must take all steps within his power to ensure that no public announcement of his candidature or prospective candidature is made before he has retired or resigned or been discharged.

Candidates in Local Government Elections
a. Serving personnel may not accept membership of any local authority, or allow themselves to be nominated for election to any such body, without the permission of the Ministry of Defence (PS 2(Army)).
b. A member of the armed forces who is recalled for service while he is a member of a local authority is to report such membership to his commanding officer.
c. Serving personnel who are permitted by the Ministry of Defence to be nominated for election to any local authority may only stand as independent candidates. They are not to stand as candidates for any political organisation, party or movement and, if elected, are not to involve themselves in any way in the affairs of any such organisations, party or movement.
Had Peter Bottomley, member of the Defence select committee, with our Coy HQ on an OBUA ex three years ago. He had no idea what an antequated piece of crap the PRC351 is. Promised to ask questions re Bowman and kept that promise.
Fair enough D Bint,

Currently in Pristina on a Sunday. Nothing to do except drink copious amount of vino and vent my spleen. Only been one drive-by shooting this morning :) . I would respect politicians more if they had the courage to visit the Forces more often, especially when you look at what HMF have done for our 'Dear Leader' since '97. Thanks to him I have seen over 400 corpses in various states of decay and been put in harm's way on 3 occasions (and I was lucky: I never had a soldier killed on Ops, though one of my fellow Capts did).

Could be worse: I could be in Iraq (I refuse to call it the sandpit as I have not earned the right to do this by leaving the Gunners on the day of 9/11), or I could be working for a company that tests for alcohol dependency:)

Top marks to Peter Bottomley for keeping his word. Hang on... he is a Tory. Funny breed the Tories: when caught with finger in the till (or woman or young boy) they resign. Labour scum lie and do everything to hang on there for a few more paychecks extra (just like a certain Labour Lord in Haggis Land).

Edited again Dread. The person you named was investigated and nothing proven. Yes I know , but there are parliamentarians and those who work directly for MP's reading this means. Let's not have any unneccessary attention please?


DEEFER said:
Well Sir Humphrey states that, if its Labour, then its 40 grubby men in overalls who select the candidate. If it Liberal, then its 40 women in silly hats who select the prospective MP. Theres not much choice really. I really would have liked to see Lord Sutch get a crack at it. He could not do worse than what you have today!. Alas, Vale, Lord Sutch. He was a loony but what a great loony he was !. Then there is the first past the post voting system.......................................
Perfectly stated! BTW, if you watch all the programmes of 'Yes, Minister' you will see that Dear Leader has copied many lessons from Yes, Minister. Especially the tips about destroying an opponent's credibility. Scary.

I would have loved to seen Sutch in power. I truly believe that he would have been at least as good in Government as the liar from Islington.

What do you call a poor person who is mentally ill? Insane
What you you call a rich person who is mentally ill? Eccentric

:lol: As if I've never vented my spleen on here! :oops: :lol: I've only ever been 1 (UK) Civ Div but I agree with your sentiments about the scum 'representing' us. The majority are the most weasely low-life specimens ever born and their collective split-personality regarding the Armed Forces (funding versus utilisation) makes me sick.
A good chance for a weekly venting of spleen:

Liabour are a bunch of lying b@stards and the greatest liar among them is that unparalleled scumbag and oxygen thief, Mr T Bliar. Interestingly, questions have been raised about who exactly paid for his yacht, another freebie...
cheesypoptart said:
So, are all TA MPs independents then, presumably? Who are they?
Not sure of the answer offhand. There certainly are a few MPs who are ex-Regular members of RARO or equivalent; I think a couple or so were mobilised for Op TELIC, including Andrew Murrison who was one of the Conservative MPs who voted against the war.

Andrew Robathan MP, Conservative and one of our allies in our service voting campaign, rejoined the colours for Op GRANBY.

At least one present member of the House of Lords - again a Tory - is a serving TA officer.

[PERSEC - I believe all the above info is in the public domain.]

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