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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by chris951, Feb 7, 2007.

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  1. While having a prowl through early day motions in respect of this ARRSE link, I noticed a saddening anomoly.

    Early Day Motion No 755 regarding cruelty to Bears in China has 53 signatures.

    Early Day Motion No 800 regarding fatalities in Afghanistan has 20 signatures.

    I'll leave you all to draw your own conclusions but I think I will be keeping a closer eye on how our MP's profess to serve and support us.
  2. Is it surprising given that the first has been in existance twice as long as the latter, that is, two weeks rather that one week.

    The trick is first to write the EDM and second to publicise it.
  3. Funny that Comrade,

    42 have found time to sign up for EDM 798 : FUTURE OF TRIDENT AND THE PROCESS OF GLOBAL NUCLEAR DISARMAMENT and that went up the same day and,
    64 for this EDM 787 : REFERENDUM ON EUROPEAN TREATIES which went up just a day earlier.


    Links for Sven: 1 & 2
  4. White City 1 Comrade Svenski 0
  5. As I said in my post - First You write them and then You publicise them

    Anyway, I've just asked my MP to sign 800
  6. ...and what do you think I might be doing at the moment??? nugget.

  7. Hmmmmm

    I did actually mean Paul Flynn advertise it amongst his fellow MPs. I have emailed David Curry and He has agreed to look at it - I made something of a mess of the email by not actually stating what the EDM was about.

    By the way, You all DO realise that Paul Flynn is a Labour MP, don't You
  8. I have a problem with MPs in general. Did I ever mention any particular party affiliation? Has anybody in this thread mentioned any party? Oh yes, Comrade Sven on autopilot. :x
  9. Hmmmm

    You may have the retention span of a goldfish Merks and not remember that there have been lots and lots of 'Labour hates the forces' jibes. It is significant that so far those jibes have not been aired on a thread about an early day motion laid down by a Labour MP effectively supporting the work of a section of the forces
  10. And so they should at long last Sven, however don't think we are now going to give him a 'Hip' and a 'Horray' for it.

    Maybe a little too late, we will see.
  11. I don't think it is a case of a Damascus moment, just that You have always had supporters on ALL sides of the House - except the Sinn Fein quads
  12. sinn fein wouldn't be where they are now if the british military hadn't done such a damn fine job in NI and forcing them down the political path because they knew they couldn't win militarily. I reckon Adams/mcfcukwit and co owe a great debt of gratitude to the army.
  13. I couldn't agree more.

    I doubt if Martin and Gerry thinks so though (Martin and Gerry - sounds like a make of ice cream)
  14. we agree!!! but I dont want to side track this thread, it's a shame more MP's haven't signed, They were obviously to busy to day meeting that shilpa bird to do anything meaningful.
  15. Less than a week ago, you were jumping on your hobby horse accusing various people of being racist/predjudicial etc. etc. by accusing them of blaming an entire population group for the actions of a few. You then dropped yourself right in the poo by twice, yes twice, making the very same accusation against the Serb population.

    Guess what? You're at it again. Some ARRSErs have made some rather derogatary statements against HMG because they are New Labour. And here you are labelling every ARRSEr, and his/her political point, as anti-Labour.

    Comrade Sven, you can self-deny it as much as you want, you can spend the next 2 hours self-flagillating in penitence, but you cannot escape the fact that you are a predjudiced, narrow minded plonker. And we have it in black&white as proof. :D

    This thread was a discussion about the pi$$ poor performance of ALL MPs. Just because your narrow-mindedness decided otherwise is a problem that you need to resolve yourself.