Parliament Square Loons

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by chrisg46, Jun 1, 2012.

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  1. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    Every now and then, and more so for the last week, there has been some nutter bleating away at parliament square about the Queen being head of the Freemasons and therefore a killer - also he has some signs with names of people, presumably killed by said Freemasons. Why, where has this idea come from? Any evidence anywhere? What's he on about?
  2. Yes, seen him. He's a loon.
    Don't you feel a bit silly that you provided the answer to your own question in the thread title?

    Edited: To add a picture of the loon when I saw him a couple of weeks ago:

  3. Well, since Ladies can't join the Masons, it's a non-starter.

    I think he's not saying "the Queen," but McQueen.

    I think when he means "royal is head" he's referring to the Duke of Kent who is the Grand Master of the UGLE.
  4. He's referring to Alexander McQueen.
  5. Man must be barking mad. Mark Quinsey was murdered by Real IRA (I think, cannot keep up with all the little ?IRA groups. I don't know a lot about masons but connecting masons to Republican terrorists seems a stretch.
  6. Wasn't J Edgar Hoover a freemason?

    I got invited to join a lodge once. I told them to **** off.
  7. Yes he was.

    Freemasonry isn't for everyone I suppose. Did you not like your friend that invited you?
  8. Hoover was a mason. I never had a desire to join anything like that. A cousin joined but he was a cop and all the superiors in his department were masons. I do know that one branch here in the US, the Shriners, run hospitals for crippled and burned children. Their burn center in Boston does great work on badly burned kids for free.
  9. It's amazing how far the idea that the Freemasons are some kind of NWO / Occult / Alien recce force for world domination has spread.

    The horrible reality is that they're a bunch of sad, social climbing ***** with nothing better to do that point pointy things at each other of an evening. They're the sort of blokes who obsess about supermarket trolleys and spend their evenings in a 'recliner', shouting at the wife to change the channels for them.

    That's all they are.
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  10. Damn, and there was me thinking the thread was about our MP's..
  11. About time we moved the Imperial War Museum and opened Bedlam again. If he wants to be ridiculed, or is insane, or both, then we should chain him up to the wall and poke fun at him.
  12. Sadly the internet fuels the madness, anyone can find or create their crackpot theory website. Need somewhere to discuss the invasion by the mind snatchers from the planet zarg or the conspiracy by the Womens Institute to take over the world? It's all there, in fact the evidence is concrete as shown by the remorseless attempts to suppress these websites by the mind snatchers/WI/etc.
  13. sirbhp

    sirbhp LE Book Reviewer

    oh , i think that they are a bit more than that . There are around 300,000 Freemasons in uk and between them they raise over £ 18 million pound of recorded donations to charity . They probably raise half as much again in unrecorded donations from white table lodges ( where friends and family can come an dine after the main lodge meeting ) from race nights , barbecues etc etc . Now the problem is for a bunch of self seeking Mafia type new world controllers is that three quarters of the collected dosh goes to NON masonic causes. So they are not selfish at all .

    There are lots of military lodges and even the non forces ones have that feel of the mess about them. The camaraderie is excellent and we owe the growth of the craft to the returning officers and OR's from ww2 who wanted to continue their friendships whilst doing a bit of good as well.

    Being a Freemason , on the whole , makes you a more rounded citizen. I KNOW THERE ARE SOME ********* IN THE CRAFT BUT THEN AGAIN THERE ARE SOME HERe ON ARRSE , WHADDYA gonna DO ?

    The Queen is not a Freemason , although she could be if she wished , as there are two grand lodges of Females only masons and three of mixed membership. The one that most folks associate with Freemasonry is the male only UGLE. They are allowed to be men only because there are two Ladies only grand lodges .

    Finally Freemasonry does not allow the discussion of Religion nor politics in its meetings so that harmony may prevail .
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  14. This interweb thingy has a lot to answer for. I feel a bit sorry for some of the loons that pick up on stories and then repeat them as if they were gospel. I reckon someone starts something off and puts it on a website. Someone else picks it up and repeats it back to the one who started it who then uses it as "proof" that what he originally said was true. Stories ranging from the Americans not landing on the moon to the McCanns selling Maddie off to an East European slave gang, and all of them giving links to a YouTube film that provides "definite proof" that this happened. The New World Order, the Illuminati, the Vatican Secret Files all being blamed on uber secret organisations like the Masons.
    A bit sad, really and they really do live in a nether world of web intrigue (good phrase that last one).
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  15. The horrible reality is that you clearly know **** all about Freemasonry.
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