Parliament Recalled

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by slipperman, Aug 9, 2011.

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  1. Just breaking on the BBC, that Parliament has been recalled this Thursday. Whilst I believe it is absolutely right that our elected representatives should be seen to do something positive at this time (as opposed to wringing their hands and spouting platitudes from some far away resort), is there any point in them all gathering at Westminister for an emergency debate, unless they are actually going to do something radical and robust.
    I seriously hope this will result in giving the Police much more rigorous powers to tear into the scrotes. Thoughts?
  2. Unless one of the topics for discussion is the immediate suspension of the Yuman Rites Act then they might as well not bother turning up. Oh, I forgot about the emergency issue of expenses claim forms........cynical me.
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  3. Only if we can get enough gun powder into the cellars before they arrive.
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  4. That wouldn't be easy, the bastards closed Waltham Abbey & Woolwich Arsenal years ago........
  5. Thursday? I take it, as today is Tuesday, that they are hoping it will be all over by then!
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  6. And if it;s not, they will issue a sternly worded statement!
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  7. A few days ago we were assured the Government was in good shape to manage whilst WebCameron, BoJo etc were away. No need for Clegg to return unless the cups need washing ahead of the PM's return.

    Theresa May should surely have been able to handle the policing.

    There must be plenty of police, too, because they will be able to bear 20% budget cuts.

    Why didn't they just use "kettling"? Or arrest everone in sight UK-Uncut-in-Fortnum-and-Mason's style?
  8. There will much wringing of hands, tough talk of "robust" measures, followed by kowtowing to the human rights legislation and the promoters of enforced multiculturalism and f*ck all will be done.

    We simply do not have any politicians (I will not call them "leaders" because they are not) with the balls or will to stand up for this country or its people. Until we have the modern equivalent of a Napoleon who is prepared to give the mob a "whiff of grapeshot" law and order will continue to break down.

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  9. Riots??

    QUICK.....lets have a committee.

    Much latter on this week.
  10. I love the conceit in this; as if the country's most proficient and career talkers need to be urgently mobilised to sort this out with some devastating rhetoric that quells the proles. I suggest we save the money and keep the useless loathsome feckers at arm's length while the fuzz root around for some cojones to sort this out.
  11. A lot of MPs are out of the country on their hols and it will take some in the nether regions of Scotland a couple of days just to get to London from their far-flung constituencies.
  12. **** me anyone would think this govt is unpopular or something, what the **** are parliment going to do? It'll all boil over in day or two, or when it starts raining.
    The internet traffic on this is ludicrous, it requires NO special measures or new Laws that we'll use to stop Mobile Phone masts going up, it's just kids and young lads not some organised resistance movement a la Libya.
    I think rolling news coverage is stoking the fire tbh, but nothing can be done about that else a massive whine about censorship.
  13. See my above post you dribbling vagina!
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  14. A lot of them will already be feverishly tasking their PA (normally the spouse) to sort out the claims for the T&S for an overnighter in London.
    Editted to add: The country can breath easy - Baroness Warsi is now on the BBC saying she attended the COBRA meeting this morning - we're saved!
  15. Cynical you are