parky and june whitfield

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by haggler, Nov 13, 2011.

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  1. Cnuts the pair of them.

    My ma bought one of those policies that give you a free clock radio.

    I ended up shelling out big style when she coughed it.

    Old fecks stay away from the light ---250 quid is not even paying for the kindling.

    Bad enough they go leaving nowt but debt,but when the icy fingers claw from beyond the grave for the planting well thats the limit.

    She spent every earthly penny in the bingo hall then i got mugged from beyond the grave.

    Let my sorry tale be a lesson to you.

    Do not trust your "carer " sister when she tells you that she is saving ma's pension for life insurance.

    the feckin witch is paying off the kays catalogue and bright home with it.

    Revisit this thread when i save you the brawl at the funeral home.
  2. For £2 a month you could have helped a darkie to have clean water and some spanking from a pious teacher.
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  3. “They fuck you up, your mum and dad.
    They may not mean to, but they do. "
    P. Larkin.
  4. do not get me going on that ffs my father ---manic depressive staff sgt son of an officer thought a screwdriver on the knapper was a good learning tool. some of you old sorts may have served with him --rex church---dead getting on for twelve years but still an almighty --------- left some biblical barclaycard bills and no insurance. turned out he also milked my grandfather of tens of thousands as well.

    Just make sure love em or hate em that you have the means to plant them. Your sisters will suddenly have not a bean to their names ---how could you let them have a paupers funeral etc etc? eh so i work and you sponge like a a polish plumber with rickets ?

    My family i hereby divorce them
  5. I'm sensing that you're not happy about something...
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  6. Family eh?
  7. Why would I be worried about planting your parents?
    I have never met either of them, let alone feel any debt to them.
    They are both deceased, they are no more and have already been planted.

    Sob stories, who needs them?
  8. Most of mine have obliged me by dying, very public-spirited of them, I say.
  9. Same same. Saves a lot of dramas when they're playing cards with Elvis.
  10. You lucky bastard! Judging by this thread more than me looked whisfully at the orphanage. Not all families are fun.
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  11. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    I'm disappointed. From the header I thought that the OP was informing the wider world of some alleged rudeness in the House of Parkinson.
  12. Yes but you do get a free Parker biro though for your interest. I have 5 so far-chuffed to fucking buggery. Not using my ink on Xmas cards this year.
  13. My local council has thoughtfully provided a solution. All I'll have to do is toss them in the brown bin & off to re-cycling they'll go... and damn good compost they'll make too. :)
  14. Why you paying the debts? If theres no estate then you can tell them to fuck off. I did it when my mum died only problem now is that if you have made payments you might now be responsable for the debt. Speak to citizens advice

    But still as it's the NAAFI you can take comfort thinking the old cunt will soon be looking a bit like this

  15. Happy days eh?