Parkour/Free Running

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by IdeasFactory, Jan 9, 2005.

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  1. Does anyone know if there's an Army Parkour Club, yet?

    I saw the documentary, "Jump Britain" the other day and, although I fear I am already too old and inflexible to do this, I did like the idea of adding a new dimension to running by jumping, hurdling, climbing and rolling along the way.

    Anyone tried it?

  2. Would you care to write a risk assessment for "Jumping Off Tall Buildings and High Walls without any Safety Equipment" :?:
  3. Can't be any worse than the RA for a confidence course.

  4. No I'd love to try it though, but at 28 I think I may be too old to even attempt it aswell lol but i'd sure give it a darn good try.
  5. Anything on goooogle?
  6. Not sure, I'll ave a look and post anything that I find :)
  7. hit a copper on the head/steal his hat. i guarantee you will run faster and have a more exciting route.

    how its a sport i dont know. i hope they dont find a way to make me do it. ill feel more embarrased than my first dance lesson at junior school

    there was a article on it in "front" magazine a few months back. had some contact details in it. i cant find mine but someone out there must have one.

    laters easy