An old couple meet at an old peoples home and they fall in love. Bert is 90 and elsie 88. Elsie tells Bert to meet her at the oak tree in the afternoon for a cuddle. Sure enough our old lovers meet up at the old oak tree and they have a cuddle and walk back to home hand in hand. Next day they arrange to meet in the summer gardens in the morning for a picnic. Sure enough our lovers meet up again for an amorous picnic and have a long lingering frenchkiss (they took their teeth out). They enjoy themselves so much that the days has passed again. For their third date they agree to meet up in the games room. Next morning old Elsie is there in the games room but Bert is nowhere to be seen. Elsie decides to hang on a bit longer. After a while she decides to go looking for him. She finds him on the floor behind the snnoker table with another old bint. Elsie is furious " you dirty old barstard. you two timing snake. Shes the same age as me. what has she got that I havent?"
Old bert looks up and winks "Parkinsons"

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