Parking wardens

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by civpop42, Jul 26, 2006.

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  1. Did anyone see this article in the Daily mail today about a Truck getting a ticket in Camden that had clearly was broken down and still got a ticket.

    Here is the same woman

    Who nicked me for delivering tarmac in Pratt street in camden town :D

    How happy am I that she has been exposed to the world as a propper council NAZI :D :D :D
  2. All you need to do now is fill your back with water/crap/bricks/cement and accidently tip it over the stupid blind wrench as she comes pass. I'll volunteer to be there to take pictures, laugh myself silly or pose as an immigration officer with a deportation order. :wink:
  3. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Seen it in the Express.What a funking stupid,jobsworth biatch! Hope she gets a ticket...A 'P45'!
  4. I told here it was silly to nick me for what I was doing. She flitted her eyes tilted her head and breathed out of her nose at me in discust. I saw on the comments page on the Daily Mail website other outrageos tickets she has given. Dumbfounded to say the least. I now believe in Karma.
  5. Ah well cheer up, if there's any justice in this world she'll get cancer
  6. London always seems to be on the verge of traffic anarchy. It's a shitty place to drive, an even shittier place to park and if it were not for traffic wardens, the whole place would grind to a halt. This one did seem to go a bit OTT though!

    How appropriate that the original Nazi rag, The Daily Mail, should cover the story.
  7. Do they only employ Africans for the traffic warden jobs now? Not trying to be racist, but I don't think I've ever seen anything but in London.
  8. before it was privitised they had some leeway now it issuse so many tickets or thats it .Always thought it might be fun to go round ticketing
    rich peoples car ,but,day in day out no way.
  9. Many moons ago, i got a parking ticket for no good reason, the new nasty "traffic warden company" the council had just given the contract to was going over the top, doing odd things like ticketing you when you had paid for your parking, and then saying the ticket was not level enough in the window, or ticketing some poor ladys baby push chair. So i was less than impressed with the local parking nazis, when you wrote in to appeal the ticket they say well you can appeal, but in court and thats going to cost money and time, and due work being over seas i did nto have the time to hang arround for that so paid up and put it down to experience.
    Well what goes arround comes arround. Few months later i was driving home, and saw the parking nazis had ticketed some somali lads who i presume had only recently arrived in the UK.... I dont think that the parking ticket is a concept in down town mogadishu (sp?) ....and they were kicking and beating the parking nazi in the street, the police did arrive and the parking nazi was only shaken and had a few bruises, but oh did i laugh! The somalis, well they got arrested but surprise surprise they never showed up again after they were bailed out!
  10. I wish I could shoot traffic wardens legally, I got one for parking when there had been a car crash and I got out to assist!
  11. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    I got a parking ticket on my old car which I had just traded in & gone back to Germany with the new one.Apparently the blokes in the garage went into town for some fish & chips & got ticketted.
    I got summoned to the Discipline section & was able to prove I was back at Bruggen & the old car was'nt mine anymore.The bloke that got the ticket got sacked I gather & I got a letter of apologie from the garage.
  12. I read the article about the traffic warden concerned and you just couldn't make it up. They seem to be happy to issue a ticket and expect people to pay because it's quicker and less hassle than challenging it. The audacity of this woman though is unbelievable, surely she realised that she was being filmed and photographed; yet she carried on!!!!
  13. I believe that Sureway parking in the fine borough of Walthamstow took the biscuit. A couple of years ago they clamped an NHS ambulance whilst the crew were attending a call. :x

    Parking attendent gave the excuse that in her opinion it was not an emergency vehicle :? :?

    Needless to say thankfully they were sensible enough to get rid of the B1tch :lol: :lol:

    Common sense is not an SOP with them.

  14. I onced got a ticket because the nazi twat could not be bothered to look in the car and see my disabled badge that was laying flat on the dashboard. Fecking lazy foreign asylum seeking cnut. rant over. next time i see him hope its a dark night and he is crossing in frony of me hee hee wicked ole bugger me. :twisted: send em all to afghanistan to ticket al queda,s vehicles see how long they last. got ticket squashed as nice lady in council office saw sense and said warden was known to be over zealous.why he still employed then????
  15. I take it you're not a fan of the Mail? I note on the 2300 news last night that the council apologised to the driver and the ticket will be scrapped so some good came out of it. :wink: