Parking/Vehicle Storage - London

Anyone got any ideas about secure vehicle parking/storage in London - SERIOUS REPLIES ONLY PLEASE.

I have a camper van and a trailer, which don't get used everyday, but it would be nice to have them within 30 mins drive of home.

Many tanks.
cheap answer - join the ACF/ATC/SCC as an instructor, and leave it in thier compound...ours has got about 6 caravans / motorhomes and i keep my 18' dingy there too.

As well as getting free storage you get to meet new people, get paid and have a laugh

Try RAF Uxbridge, just off the A40. MOD 90 and vehicle docs will get you a pass no probs. They have a long term car park with loads of space.
Ample parking at Woolwich Station. Half used by 16 Regiment other half used by Transit accomodation for london.

And only 15 mins from tower bridge
Perhaps we should give any old suicide bomber some more hints and tips on how they can easily get their vehicle into a british army base.....


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