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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Taffnp, Nov 14, 2008.

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  1. Drove into Asda and spent ages looking for a parking space. Finally saw a space next to a disabled slot. No lines to mark the area and no signs to say no parking.

    Have parked there before without any problems, as have many others.

    Returned to the car to find a £50 parking ticket (£25 if I pay within 28 days)

    It stated that I had parked on the pavement, which was not the case.

    It was issued by a private company.

    I have thrown it in the bin and have no intention of paying it. I am expecting a letter after about six weeks asking for payment. I shall then plead ignorance and state that I am unsure who I loaned the car to on that day. I am obviously the keeper, but other people use it.

    How do I stand ?
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    Normally on your feet! :?
  3. I'm no lawyer but I can't see that a "fine" issued by a private company can be enforceable. Any legal eagles care to comment?
  4. You're fcuked, if you can't provide the details of the person, you're still liable. You're better of getting in touch with your local rag and the store about it - burying you head in the sand will just build up the penalty, whether you are in the right or wrong, so work towards getting it cancled!
  5. Throwing the ticket in the bin and denying all knowledge, hmmm.... Will they think 'honest citizen who was wrongly issued ticket by mong attendant' or will they think 'shifty chav'?

    Answers on a Stella label please.
  6. No excuse for not paying the ticket, what you should have done is photographed the said parking, and the surrounding area, and sent the evidence to the parking company with a covering letter.
    If/when they take you to court you can then use the information as evidence, although they will more than likely send a baliff round to recouver the costs/clamp car until payment made. Suggest you retrieve the ticket from the bin, and go back and take some pictures.
  7. Want one!!!
  8. Deep in the brown stuff m8! You have just admitted to it here! (Unless Asda and today's date being changed for PerSec) Also, Most supermarkets have CCTV covering their carparks so you're on tape I expect - hence the 28 day bit (they keep the tapes for a month).

    Get straight back to them and appeal! Not to the Parking Company, but to the Supermarket. You should be able get them to tear it up at their end.
  9. Where do you get those?
  10. I went through a similar thing in Bournemouth a few years ago. The reason given for ticketing me was that I had not parked within the lines. However due to recycling bins being in some of the spaces all cars in the row were parked hanging over the lines. I paid up front and then asked for proof, which they promptly sent me a picture of my car over hanging the line. But what you could also see was every other car in the line over hanging by almost the same amount. At that point I asked for proof that every other car that was parked there was also ticketed. Fine promptly returned with a letter of apology.

    My advice pay the fine and then argue them into the ground.
  11. No CCTV. Have heard about these private companies, cannot see how they will enforce it. Googled them and there have been a few similar cases. Which said just ignore all mail no mater how threatening. Assuming that they have the right to obtain my address from DVLA.
  12. Similar experience when i got a ticket in Camberley a few years ago.

    I inadvertantly parked in an area that had allegedly been 'hashed out' with yellow lines and should of had a free standing sign saying no parking - the sign had actually been moved by another shopper.

    I had a camera with me and photographed the car then called the attendants over who accused me of moving the sign and then lying about moving the sign!!! fortunately, a fellow shopper explained that they had seen somebody else moving the and described where it was. The attendants refused to cancel the ticket and i had to write to the council.

    The council upheld the decision that i was parked illegally, apologised for the attendants attitude and as a measure of goodwill recinded the fine.

    i think in your case, you are frankly, fecked!!! I recommend that you write quickly to the car park owner and explain the circumstances, it never hurts to add "i've just come back from iraqistan and these new parking arrangemnts etc etc!!!"

    The do nothing option, is without a doubt the worst courseof action and will only end in tears!!!
  13. Yes they do, and will pursue you through the courts if you refuse to pay. I hope you took a picture of how the vehicle was parked to use as evidence? If you did not they might have if it proves their point. Best off paying if you have no evidence - not worth the extra charges which will be made in pursuit of the outstanding debt.