Parking ticket PC arrests warden

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by admag, Sep 12, 2006.

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    abuse of powers??
  2. Possibly, depends on the behaviour of the traffic warden. If he did become abusive towards the off duty officer, and if the abuse was enough to constitute an offence under the public order act, the police officer is well within his rights to act. He could get done on a disciplinary for failing to act (but i doubt it)

    Probably more a case of he was hacked off with the warden's ticketing of his car and it all went pear shaped from there.
  3. Hardly - very commendable
  4. He commited a parking offence tough sh*it. and to nick him, im afraid this will back fire on the copper.
  5. HE HE HE to both
  6. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    While the copper probably did over react, it warms my heart to see anyone get one over on a traffic warden. Result. :D
  7. More than likely. Probably a case of him losing his head but then again, whilst i'mnot defending said officer if his arrest was illegal, most traffic wardens that i have come across in the London area are quite obnoxious
  8. I don't understand why he went to put his uniform on? coppers are always on duty! unless he was a naughty boy and forgot to carry his warrant card when he went out!
  9. Hmm. I bet if it had been someone else's car and the PC was a mere bystander then nothing would have happened. There are occasional cases like this that make the headlines - which generate some anger and resentment - but, overall, incidents when a wronged copper arrests someone (morally, if not legally, abusing their powers when the same recourse would not be applied on behalf of a "civilian") are reassuringly infrequent.
  10. Another easy arrest for plod. Almost as good as arresting people who swear at scum, or refuse to give a ball back unless they get an apology.

    Imagine what would have happend if the traffic tax collector called the officer gay or suggested a police horse might be?

    I think it is hilarious, that 1, the traffic prat got nicked, 2, the cop finally knows what it like to be on the recieving end of the sort of twattish behavour that some of his mob appear to think the general public deserve.
  11. London traffic wardens are the T-Rex of the modern world, the go around the London streets and seek prey!
    Everyone is going to get done know matter how minor the parking offence!!
    It will probably back fire on the copper as said above and at the end of the day the traffic warden was doing his job (as a copper would say if he fined someone for speeding) everyone has a job to do and if the cop was in the wrong, why should he be let off?? None of us mere mortals would!
  12. Isnt the PC missing the point ? Although the traffic warde was arressed, the PC still has a parking ticket.

    2 prats that deserve each other
  13. Interesting thing is he called for backup. Two points.

    Why does it take 3 coppers to deal with one traffic warden (ooh Im so scared of the nasty traffic wardens, they are so tough)- Mincing pansy plod!

    If a real crime had been commited and reported by a member of civpop do you think 2 plod would have shown up so quickly?

    Traffic Wardens and Police. All scum and they deserve each other.
  14. The copper is fcuked, especially if the traffic warden is of an ethnic minority, which is a pretty high chance!!