Parking Ticket on BFG Plates

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Adjutant, Mar 18, 2008.

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  1. The Adjt was in the UK recently on a long weekend and while visiting a brewery in East Sussex, received a parking ticket...

    Now the motor was sporting German plates (it's LHD), so will the traffic dept of East Sussex County Council be able to tell its BFG and catch up with me in time, or might they just file it in the 'too difficult file'?

    Another thought occurred to me - were I to return with the motor to East Sussex, might some bailiff become interested in me being there?

    Pay or risk it?
  2. Unlikely to catch you up. I suspect if police are involved it would be different but parking fines are not a police matter.

    The second issue seems unlikely in the extreme as well.
  3. was in the local sqaure today in (east patel nagar) (india) and i watch with ammusement about 15 traffic police sticker, fine and take away cars in the square. whats funny is the fact the police have put up over a million flyers saying dont park. anyway, the police towed away all the offending cars and motorcycles, only to have them replaced 5-10 minutes later by other stupid folk, so plod in his wisdom just went back down the line and stickered and fined the people again. If you want to ignore traffic rules and restrictions come to india
  4. Adjt, you should be ok.

    Just sack it and don't pay.

    Obviously if it goes wrong, then I never said this :p
  5. It will catch up with you. Motoring offenses are/ will be, pan ECC 7 it won't matter if you are in LHD/RHD BFG. Bg brother DVLA computer will supply the info. Just pay & sleep peacfully :D
  6. And no-one has mentioned integrity...
  7. A certain RS offer (famous on another thread) went to prison for changing UK plates back to BFG to avoid a gatso snap.

    It didn't take Lincolnshire plod very long to chase the BFG details, so whilst I'm not suggesting you'd be this stupid, perhaps the plod have access to a computer that gets BFG details pretty hassle-free?
  8. On many of my trips back home from Germany, i was on BFG plates on a RHD car, i had several parking tickets and numerous amounts of flashes from speed cameras, and to this day ive never had anything served on me, or been asked to cough up for them.

    Ignore it and be done with the whole sorry matter, the cash would only go to pay for a gaylesbianveggiwardodgingtreehuggingfugee support centre anyway.
  9. Don't worry about it adjutant. Gatso, parking tickets never bothered me, never caught up with.
    Even now when I work in NI (just to keep my hand in) :twisted: ; I go over the border, fill the car up with diesel and fcuk off back over the border without paying for it.

    I sometimes forget if I was in the British Army or on a Pirate Ship.
  10. If you pay it in time you have a cheaper rate, if not they start adding ALL costs of their Christmas Parties.

    If you get caught and can not win the challenge, you can take it to the Local Government Ombudsman for review.

    If you DID do it, well it's up to you?
  11. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    He says he is the adj FFS 8)
  12. C Fs advice is a bit risky. There is a possibility that you will hear from the Criminal and Traffic Offences Branch in JHQ. If you choose to ignore the fine order that's your problem, you might get away with it or maybe not.
  13. Something in the traffic corner of my brain says that fixed penalty notices cant be issued to foreign plated cars.

    Dont know if this applies to the local council parking Nazis, but it does for police tickets im sure.
  14. How can I ask are BFG German Plates differant from any other German Plates. [Its been a while since I served but do know BFG Plates have gone?]

    Ref, among other sites -

    But the Times ran this article in November:
  15. There IS a big risk if you return, as some forces will conduct Number Plate Reader ops with council staff present to seize cars with unpaid parking fines. Dont know if the number plate readers (based on NI vengeful system) can read foreign plates or if police have foreign plates stored in ANPR database.