Parking Ticket Issues any advice ?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by semper, Sep 6, 2007.

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  1. I got a parking ticket for parking outside my house that had a resident parking permit scheme and I got ticketted for not displaying a Permit, they want me to pay £30 for parking outside my house, I have appealed by letter and photocopied my Vehicle Registration Docs and Resident permit, Council Tax letter with my address on it, sent it off with the bottom counterpart of the Ticket, trouble was there is only two options on it, I will pay the fine or go to Court, no this "ticket has been incorrectly issued", in spite of my explaining that I live here and its my road and there is no parking problems whatsover.

    There has been no enforcements for years and since this happened the resident parking scheme is now unpopular with the residents, I have fired off a letter to the council and they have said that they will consult the residents if they want to keep it in January when the Current Permits run out.

    I have today received a letter that paperwork will be submitted to go to Court and will be getting a summons soon.....unless I pay up £30 and it will be cancelled.

    doesn't feel right, I now face the prospect of going to court over a minor traffic offence and getting fined plus costs, just for the right to park outside my house.

    any advice chaps
  2. It's too late now, but all you had to do was to phone the police and say that someone had stolen your number plates.

    So it wasn't your car that got the ticket, but was in fact the number plate thief's.

    How much does a new set of number plates cost?

  3. Location is noted on the ticket.

    This loophole is a nice earner, "failure to display" is hard to prove and harder to fight.

    I feel your pain...I have to pay mine for work when another dept get theirs paid!!!

    £240 so far this year...........
  4. I know location is noted on the ticket, but how can they prove that the car was actually his, just because it's parked outside his house doesn't mean it's his.

  5. mm so it is a non starter ? it feels like I am being screwed for parking outside my house, Dunno If the magistrate would be sympathtic about how silly it is.
  6. In this day and age, and because of all the disputes over the tickets they take a digital picture.

    Chum, you're stumped. Pay the money and let it go at that. Otherwise, it will double in a couple of weeks. If you go to court, you will pay more.

    Yeah, tell me about it.
  7. Yet if you are to fight a traffic offence you MUST use film, for fear of tampering with the image. :roll:

    goes off muttering about "one rule for them".....
  8. Was the road marked or double yellowed 'except for residents'? If so there may be a loophole but it's on my work PC not home.
  9. Hi

    I also got a parking ticket in similar circumstances however I was fortunate enough to catch the devious warden in the act. I simply took my camera enabled mobile phone from my pocket and proceded to take various photos of the scene and the location of my bike.
    All in all the council wanted me to pay the fine, I declined.....The next option is for the council to approach a 3rd party to deal with the case, they dont like this option as it costs them money and so does each letter they send you. Outcome a letter stating the charge of £60 had been dropped. Some wardens carry digi cameras to back up there devious methods, if you know that he did not take any pictures maybe a slight reinactment maybe in order. Hope it helps
  10. I am forever forgetting to display my parking ticket ,Although i sent in mitigating circumstances that i am dyslexic and yes i did get away with it .
  11. Unfortunately "Not displaying" is the offence and you seem to have admitted that you didn't display. The cheapest way for you is to stump up the £30 and make sure you always display in future. You'd be rightly annoyed if people without permits were parking in front of your house and the parking wardens did nothing.
  12. :lol: :lol: :lol: F*cking brilliant, couldn't happen to a better person. I hope you get well and truly f*cked over :lol: :lol: :lol:

    (PS. You're in the Cadets aren't you?)
  13. Check to see whether the PCN is valid. There are many holes that councils fall into when using this type of document. You may get lucky.

    Also check if the parking bay is legal here
  14. Shit out i think, the charge is failing to display, as others have noted, you failed to display.
    Pay the fine, take it on the chin and display when you park next time.

    You could try to fight it, but that way lies more money.