Parking Ticket fight

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Bravo_Bravo, Mar 10, 2006.

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  1. A "friend of mine" was recently issued a parking ticket. He says the signage was plain misleading and he had bough a ticket, but it had expired.

    He managed to "obtain" an in-date tickey, and sent off this ticket when the snotogram followed.

    The narks dismissed his claim, saying that the warden checked the windscreen and the pay and display ticket had expired. Serial number quoted, and is supposed to have been photographed in place. The produced ticket - differring number - "was not on display on the windscreen".
    The in-date ticket has not been returned to him, although a photocpy has been taken.

    Should he front it out? Just keep saying "I had a ticket? "

  2. is it worth going to court over? and potentially facing a charge of attempting to pervert the course of justice? it's happened before over a speeding ticket, officer in question got 3 months.

    just pay the f*cking fine and don't be daft. it's not worth the risk.
  3. By "should he front it out?" I presume that you mean to ask whether your - I mean "his" - prospects of success at trial are suffient to justify the risk of fronting it out. You can only know that when you know what the actual evidence against you is. You are entitled to know what evidence the state intends to adduce against you, so you should ask for disclosure. If your "friend" had not disclosed the true situation himself, your "friend" might have said that the "in-date" ticket was stuck to the driver's window or some such lame excuse. If ticket one expired some time after ticket two was purchased, then he may have to explain why this was so. Trials are uncertain things, and you will see that there are various difficulties to overcome. Also the magistrates are not generally the most receptive of audiences to this sort of case. If you lose you will have more costs to pay, and possibly a greater penalty.

    If, however the question is purely an ethical one, "in any circumstances should I try to get away with breaking the law?" then I am sure that you already know the answer.

    However CR has already summed it up in a nutshell far better than I could.
  4. Good soldier, Schweik - I'll pass the thoughts along... cheers CR...
  5. :lol:
  6. My mates fronted it out and won, but I don't think there were such things as photos in the evidence. Plus which it was somewhere at the back of Cornwall or something. If they've got the nous to take photos then think I "your friend" will be on a loser there mate.
  7. Spanish_Dave

    Spanish_Dave LE Good Egg (charities)

    I did the same and won in W Yorks
  8. Good advice. You can,t win an argument with those cnuts. I,ve tried a couple. When you go to the appeals panel all that happens is you end up getting an overbearing urge to hoof the tw@ts teeth down & out of his arrse :twisted: Its just not worth the aggro.

    Regards LT.
  9. Saw a parking warden issuing a ticket a couple of days ago, he used a digital camera to photograph the vehicle front and rear at the time
  10. Most parking wardens nowadays take photos of the ticket. In East Yorkshire the yalso take a photo of any car without a ticket and then wait five minutes before issuing a fixed penalty. That way i cant say i was away buying a ticket when they booked me :cry: :cry:
  11. last time i got a ticket (in loughborough, now THEY are parking nazis!)... i kept the distinctive sticky black and yellow plastic cover it came in.

    now if i park anywhere where i suspect i might be targeted for a bit of 'local authority contribution' if i am 5 minutes late back, i can stick that on my windscreen. should pass first muster at least.

    if you don't have one - when you park, take one off another car and put it on your own windscreen :)

    if challenged, you can always say it must have been kids messing about...
  12. Another good way is to doctor your numberplate holders so you can slide a pair of boxhead plates over the top of your Brit ones. You,ll also have to remove the tax disc aswell....... allegedly . Trouble is in the smoke you are more likley to get clamped or removed. :roll:

    Regards LT.
  13. Not strictly the same topic, but saw in the paper today about a guy who decided to front out a speeding ticket for his van and blame his mate instead. The cops had to track the accused down and then check his passport to validate his claims of being St Lucia on the date in which point they realised the owner (and person in vehicle) was white and the accused mate was actually black.

    If you're going to front it out be very very careful to check the facts first :lol:
  14. i got a ticket yesturday for being 4 mins late back the woman (it was female, i think) was stood at my car doing the ticket as i turned up i said to her cant i just pay for another half hour, the limp brained noodle armed foriegn bird then said in a lowd and snotty voice "IF YOU HAVE PROBLEM PHONE COUNCIL" thats all she would say, it was like listening to tarzan "UNGOWWA,UNGOWWA". i was calm and asking normal questions like "dont i get a couple of mins lee-way" and she was a knob! no wonder they get beaten up.
  15. London was it ????? :roll: .