Parking near Catterick garrison (Helles barracks)

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by MR2D2, Mar 9, 2013.

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  1. Does anybody know any good places to park around helles/vimmy barracks? A friend told me about a a good place near a club any idea where this is? I know about the church but apparently we can't park there anymore because the locals were complaining about the miccy D's rubbish collaborating.

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  2. I know loads.

    What church do you mean?

    If you want to park near Louis', good luck.
  3. The church on the corner as you come out of helles barracks guard room on the right. I don't think he meant Louis he said its on the left as you come out guard room??

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  4. Here's a good idea. Why don't you get a car pass for the barracks you're going to?
  5. Especially if the Colburn Girls got their hands on him.
  6. I'm in training at Catterick and we aren't aloud to park on camp for obvious reasons. So any ideas on places that are near camp?
  7. If you can't park I suggest they don't want you to take a car. So don't. When you are allowed to they'll let you park it.
  8. You have already asked once and got no reply. Take the hint and take the train or get a lift.
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