Parking issues ?

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by AJ1992, Aug 28, 2012.

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  1. Wondering if anyone knows where I can park near vimy barracks catterick. I was planning on taking my car after week 7 but I was just informed they don't allow you to park on the barracks but allow you to use your cars. Anyone know if there are places to park near by. I start Sunday so I will quiry it then but problem is If I can't take it I'm cancelling my insurance rather than pay out 6-7 months insurance when I won't be using the car so I would need to cancel it now to save the hassle of doing it in phase 1.
  2. Answer 1. IIRC if you de-insure your vehicle it has to also be Statutory Off Road Noticed (SORN), and has to be physically off the public road. You, therefore, won't be able to use it on short periods at home without reversing the whole process.

    Answer 2. Outside Tesco.

    (Caveat: I cannot guarantee it will still be outside Tesco after week 7 when you want to go home).
  3. What I mean is I wanted to go home and drive my car up to catterick on the long weekend at 7 then keep it up there with me for the remainder of the course. I understand I will need to do my sorn document when cancelling my insurance and the car will be in my parents garage if I can't park it anywhere and decide not to use it for 6 months. But if there's somewhere to park I won't bother cancelling my insurance.
  4. H3

    H3 LE

    If I was you just leave it at home .....less drama all around !
  5. If you're not picking your car up till week 7 then I'd say wait until your DS tell you what the crack is. We had blokes keep their cars on camp at Catterick, but this was several years ago when you only did phase 2 there.
  6. I had all this BS as an upgrader at Leconflid. Why do the army get a raging hard on about guys parking thier car at what is effectivly work ?.
  7. Because it's a training establishment with limited parking places. So the parking available goes to the DS, not the scrotes on courses.
  8. I wouldn't mind leaving it at home , but it's £148 return on the train from Darlington to Birmingham. But that's a whole different discussion, for a different thread lol.

    I agree it's a bit stupid that people are unable to park at work but rules are rules. But now the combat infantrymans course has been updated and has more long weekends than you can count, i only hope there handing out travel warrants for my wallets sake.