Parking In A Quarry

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by GAPE, Jan 22, 2005.

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  1. Not sure if this has been covered before, but here goes.

    I am currently on a course at sunny Blandford, and on arrival and to my dismay, I found that the 'shale hockey pitch' (which I was told I had to park on), was still in the aweful state that it was 4 years ago. Apart from the fact that it is a 15 or 20 minute walk from the accomodation, it is full of pot holes, 'shale', and some of the sprogs regularly use it as a rally course. Many people have arrived at their vehicles to find them dented or scratched. I find it insulting that soldiers coming on course here, including upgraders, are forced to use it.
    Instead of spending money building numerous, useless footpaths around camp, couldn't some be found to re-surface the car park? Try making the officer's or sergeant's mess park up there, and see how much of a stink is kicked up.

    Is this a meaningless rant, or another case of singlies/juniors coming last?
  2. Cough .. RHIP .. Cough


  3. 15 to 20 minute walk!!

    Are you on crutches??

    Remember there are over 1800 students at Blandford and with Perm Staff (Civ and Mil) too many cars too little real estate to place them.

    Its not such a drama after all and surely you have deeper worries about your coursework rather than where to park your car?

    Or maybe your beret is your next concern..

  4. Was trying to work out where this car park was, using 20 min walk = 1 mile. I'd worked out this car park was outside the main part of the camp near the old airfield.
  5. You could always use the footpaths to walk from your nice little car park to your accommodation......then it might not take you so long :roll: :roll: :roll:
  6. Alternatively, why not simply drive up to your block and abandon the car haphazardly outside, like the rest of the juniors. :(

    20 minutes to walk from the car park? Then again, I suppose when you ARE walking with your trousers flapping 3 feet behind you, your skateboard flying into hte bushes every 2 minutes and having to count the number or steps you take so that you know that you can kep looking at the ground all the way back without walking into something....

    We've all been there, and done it. Until the garrison build a multi-storey car park at the museum, DEAL WITH IT.

    Now F@ck off and stop whining.
  7. That pretty much summed up the sentiment i was going to put forward. As for you being forced to use it. Are you? I've recently been a student at the school, and was never called to task for parking in any of the car parks.

    Anson car park is huge and empties at 5 when all the civil servants go home. Bag yourself a place there.

  8. What about the poor blighter who want to play hockey!! Where do they go, and do they have to walk there also? If it takes you 20 mins to walk from the officers mess (next to the hockey pitch car park) then best you start some training. Or is it your next units responsibility to get YOU fit. ooh harsh. Are you not allowed to park your car outside the block for a limited time to unpack? If so, crack on, then drop you car off and walk down tho the block after you have dropped your kit off. Make better time out of your walk by taking a precis with you and reading over some of your course notes on the way back to the block. Top student will soon be yours!
  9. I'd have thought the building work and living in portacabins to be more of a problem. (and shite mobile phone coverage)
  10. Would prefer to see good money spent on the accommodation rather than a 'car park'. Still judging by the amount of wagons parked down by the blocks this morning no-one seems to give a monkeys....... :roll: Mind you as its 'private land' I wonder if wheel clamping and a release fee would do the trick ..... :twisted: All for the sake of a 5 min bimble up a path, not like your incapable or anything...... or are you a fat useless blob who breaths hard just stepping out of the shower...... :lol:
  11. Are you are fat tech then? Surely you have better things to whinge about. Get a life!!
  12. ....and another thing, why do upgraders think they are so fcuking important at Blandford? They are LCpls or at best Cpls. :) For some reason they seem to think they have a God given right to complain about things that in a working unit they would just have to accept. Life aint perfect and trying to compare your car parking issues to the offrs and SNCOs is futile and quite frankly irrelevant. If you want to park in their car park you'll have to wait until you reach that exhaulted position!! :lol: Next whinge please
  13. even upgraders OMG! what has the corps turned to? upgraders having to walk!

    wait til you rejoin civ div and have to pay to park and still walk a distance to work :wink:
  14. I parked on anson once and got an illegal parking ticket. got told by the provo it was because the civvies complain there are no spaces in the mornings. Obvious answer, live withit i park my car up there yeah i aint happy but nobody cares. blandford has bigger problems than where you park your car>
  15. Why not pop over and see the RSM, have a chat over a latte and a Danish. I'm sure he will lay on a gratis taxi to get your fat, 300lb of chewed bubble gum ass over to the accommodation after abandoning your 1.2 Nova on the shale car park when you return from a 'sports afternoon' in Tiffs. If this does not satisfy your pointless whinging then fcuk off on an Op......loser :twisted: