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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Travelgall, Sep 20, 2010.

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  1. On a two week CMS course later this year. No Blow me up bus as I'm on my own from my unit. Considering I'll be carrying everything that has ever been issued to me I would prefer to drive rather than catching a train from London. Is there parking available for recruits?
  2. wedge_cadman

    wedge_cadman War Hero Reviewer Book Reviewer

    There is parking available on the square if you are at PWoG Barracks
  3. Large car park beside the gym. If I was you I would not park on the square!
  4. wedge_cadman

    wedge_cadman War Hero Reviewer Book Reviewer

    my apologies i should have been more specific..that was the area i was referring to
  5. Loads of available parking - just make sure you have a pass and park in the right place (ask for directions, and then directions to where you have to report).

    Good luck!
  6. You're taking your own transport?.....that's a whole can of worms, not the least being what happens if you break a limb and get RTU'd? how do you get back to your unit? how does your car? unless it's been authorised you wont be able to claim the cost of travelling back either, there is also something about business insurance as well.
  7. msr

    msr LE

    Why is your unit not providing transport?
  8. Perhaps, like me, Travelgall lives closer to the course than to her unit?

    Never liked the idea of driving 70-odd miles to my Sqn, hang about for two hours while someone sorts out an appropriately over-sized vehicle to then transport me 100 miles the opposite way (passing my house of course) abandon me and then drive 100 miles back, only to repeat the above a few days later in reverse.

    Pay me 60 miles or drive 400 miles in a 16-seater and pay me 140 miles- guess which one my Boss thinks is the best idea?
  9. Don't park on the square next to reception as the RSM tends to get a little bit upset. There's a good handful of spaces behind reception and then drop your car at the top car park next to the football pitches, easy to spot really, just look for the Regular Staff's caravan club park !
  10. You will get issued with a pass at the guardroom and given directions as to where to park, which as stated already is the top end of the camp, enjoy the hot-cold-hot-cold showers. I was there in July when a CMS course was on and loads of them had their own cars.
  11. Because I'll be the only one from my unit on my course. They'll give me a travel warrant for the train, but since I'll be carrying my life in two massive Bergans and a black bag I'd rather not have the ball ache of lugging it through London. I'd rather stick it into the boot and drive to Grantham. I can use it to lock all my dirty kit to hide it from room inspections. It also means I can pop smoke 30 nano seconds after "PARADE DISMISSED".
  12. Then all other things being equal they ought to provide you with a hire car, which you could collect from your nearest TA centre and have collected from you the morning after you sign in. Another would arrive the afternoon before you're due to pass out.

    HOWEVER: the policies are, and these come straight down from ARTD/ITG, that SuTs should not self-drive for exactly the reasons outlined above by Boxy in respect of injury and RTU, and because if you are RTU'd for whatever reason you automatically go onto the 'at-risk register' for self-harm and you should not then be putting your DS in a position of having to hand you your car keys when you're a potential suicide.

    It might well turn out differently at 5 Regt, but if you turned up in your own transport to start a TSC course with my unit, you'd have a fair to middling chance of going home the same way before the start of the course.
  13. If I was you I would "ask your PSI", if you can use your own transport. If you get an OK from him then there is no come back to you and you won't end up self harming
  14. 3 of us from my squadron went in two of our own vehicles. No problems what so ever. Didn't cause any issues and no one said anything to us and we weren't the only ones.

    Stop being all doom and gloom guys!!
  15. Jeez fas et gloria, Self Harm. I'm sure you're right and some Health and Safety directive from ARTG covers this, but what Rocket Surgeon thought that one up? I want to pass, I'll work for it but I'm not Nepalese. If you want I'll swear an affidavit that I'll think happy thoughts about the bundles of cash I earn as a banker and the shag I'll get earlier than I thought when I get home. I'll also get the Platoon Sergeant to give me a big morale boosting hug and say "there there" before he gives me the keys. It's not as if its a one shot deal. I can retake the course.

    Re being biffed, I reckon my RAC membership will cover that. Besides if its an injury on Army property don't the Army have to look after me until its repaired? Which means my car stays there until I'm capable of driving it. Or at least it was last time I did all this as a Regular. Bloke I knew with a Fabloned Biff Chit had been cutting around Lucknow Platoon for 2 years.