Parking fines rise sharply

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Radiance, May 25, 2012.

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  1. Parking fines rise sharply - Telegraph

    *Tsk* *tsk* our greedy overlords milking the public purse for money again.

    Remember chaps, you can always ignore parking tickets from private enforcement companies. The only parking tickets you can't ignore are those from councils or the police.
  2. Alternatively, you could always try parking where it's allowed?
  3. And those of us visiting from the Bundesrepublik with German registered cars will ignore those as well.
  4. Can I be the first to thank those who can't park properly for subsidising my council tax
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  5. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Can I just say " Cheers Easy" as I have a spaz badge, sorry a badge under the blue badge disability parking scheme and I get three hours on a double yellow line and free parking on most local authority car parks outside the city of Westminster.
  6. Hah Ha! It's official, Biscuits is a spaz! Who'dve thunked it? /images/smilies/icon_biggrin.gif
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  7. Well that sounds like a reasonable suggestion. Let us consider that proposal for a few milliseconds.

    1) The Councils make loads of money from parking fines.

    2) The Councils employ armies of warden droids, CCTV operators and camera cars (all of which cost a lot to run) to impose fines on cars infringing the parking regulations.

    3) Parking 'where it's allowed'? Now, where is it allowed? Why, formerly at the sides of some roads (where parked cars won't cause a hazard or obstruction) and in car parks (Council & privately owned).

    Still with me? OK, good, not far to go now.

    4) Who owns the sides of the above mentioned roads? Why, the Councils.

    5) Who makes the parking regulations for the above mentioned roads? Why, the Councils.

    So, what happens is that the Councils impose parking restrictions on every millimetre of road, there is inadequate 'allowed' parking, and the Councils collect shed loads of dosh from the motorists. The takings in local shops plummet because Mr. & Mrs. Motorist motor to the supermarket car park. High Streets turn to ghost towns. Charity shops, fast food, betting shops, Cash Convertors and other dross move in, industrious purveyors of quality goods and services pack up and piss off.

    Sound slightly familiar to anywhere you know? Welcome to Great Britain.
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  8. Good Lord, Onetap, next you will suggest members of the council have [ahem] an interest [/ahem] in the building of the Supermarket?
  9. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    got the badge and the pension to prove it too.
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  10. I never would have guessed, you seem so much more able-bodied online. /images/smilies/icon_twisted.gif
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  11. It does come as a surprise that many users here who I thought were still serving (albeit perhaps close to retirement) are not what I expected!

  12. You forgot:

    The Council saves loads of money by making new 'just outside town' developments pay for improvements to road systems and other things so that Council will let their developments through the planning stage. What do all these developments have? Free parking as standard because the owners know damn well what attracts people to use their shops and supermarkets. It's a bloody shame the Councils just can't recognise this simple fact. Town centres just about have to die before they come close to getting the message on parking.
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  13. Our local market town campaigned heavily against a big Waitrose moving in some time back, but actually it seems to have revitalised the place. I can only think of two businesses which closed, one because the owner was a grumpy old bastard with no concept of customer service & one because it was very niche indeed. It seems that people come in to use the Waitrose & then, crucially, visit the other town shops as Waitrose have done the decent thing & not tried to compete too directly with the florists, newsagents & so on.

    The town's parking policy is pretty sensible. There are loads of spaces available free for an hour, a goodly number free for two hours & the Waitrose will refund the parking charges from their own car park of anyone spending over a fiver.

    There are plans now for a filling station & superstore on the outskirts & that worries me a bit. It will be a lot more convenient to get to from about three points of the compass round town and have completely free parking. If it's allowed to go ahead I really do fear for the town centre again.
  14. Biscuits is a crotchety old Victor Meldrew lookalike with bad knees (from kneeling in trenches scraping away at artifacts). He has a wooden leg which of course he doesn't wear but uses it to beat people out of his way as he swerves wildly across the pavements on his mobility scooter knocking everyone down and crushing the feet of the 'too slow'. He is also hard of hearing so he doesn't have to get his round in down at the Legion. And he has his own seat in the corner that's worn down so much it fits his arse like a glove ...and you'd dare not ******* sit there, on pain of death.
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  15. So why have double yellow lines if they're nothing more than reserved parking for disabled badge holders? Always thought they indicated areas where parking was unsuitable for safety reasons.
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