Parking enforcement officers

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by CC_TA, Mar 10, 2008.

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  1. Council Parking Enforcement Officers (Traffic wardens :) )

    Now these types quite regularly get bad press for being inflexible, jobsworth, Nazi, target chasing pricks.

    Popping into a careers office to pick up some info for a mate, checks pockets - no change for ticket machine, I ask nearest traffic mong how long I park without a ticket,

    'You can have a couple of mins to get some change - any longer it's a fine.'

    I told him I just wanted to pop into the careers office for some info.

    'Army? Go for it mate, take your time!'

    I returned to my motor half expecting a ticket, I received a "Good luck mate, hope you like sand!"

    Anyone else found any 'worthy of a mention' types?
  2. Nope, they are all cnuts.
  3. Cnuts! Every single one of them.
  4. Yeah, you're probably right; sneaky kunts probably sent me a ticket in the post! :lol:
  5. not true unless you believe by some reason your special so the rules don't apply to you
  6. On Remembrance Sunday the parking Nazis actually are supposed to ensure our route to the local cenotaph is clear of parked cars. Last year they failed to do this either on Saturday or Sunday morning. I had been in the pub with the old and bold and my wife pitched up with the Landrover, so I could take the standards home. Imagine my surprise when I walked out to find a PN about to ticket my vehicle.

    I watched aghast as he started writing the ticket and then being a Cuddles of Action leapt in and commenced to drive away. He waved the ticket at me and asked if I would accept it - he hadn't done his digital camera thing yet. I replied succinctly, in frank manly language, in the negative and drove off. I returned on foot for the serious drinking part of the day and saw him and his crony still busily looking for prey.

    I aasked him what he was hoping to achieve. "We're clearing the route for some parade or other" came the dim fcuker's answer. I wrote a stiff letter of condemnation, on Branch neaded note-paper, to the traffic ops boss in Bath and to the council. They were there on Sunday afternoon for one purpose only - to raise money for BANES! I received no reply...let's see how they handle this year.
  7. It is true, they are cnuts

    At my last place of residence,there was a private carpark to the side of the property, we had drop curbs put in by the council to gain access to the said carpark, and a sign on the wall saying "private carpark".

    But did this stop the little hitlers? did it hell, i found a ticket on my car, and when questioned, the DickHead said i was parked on double yellow lines.
    I asked where and he pointed to the double yellow lines on the road, a good path width away from my car.
    He explained that to get to the carpark i had to cross them, and this constituted the same as me parking on them.

    Needless to say i called him a cnut and took my ticket along with some photo and video evidence to the local little hitler office, and had the ticket quashed.

    Rules is rules, but common sense should prevail surely.
  8. At least you still get tickets...all we get these days is this...
  9. In my area they have to do at least 16 tickets per day or they get the hoof. I would never ever do that job, no matter how desperate the situation got. I can understand if someone is blocking access etc but some of these gits deserve to be shot on sight!!

    stab (takes a breath)
  10. They are Parking Attendants. Traffic Wardens are part of the police and more reasonable. PA's and the people who check your hand luggage at airports have the distinction of being those who I would never go to help if they were in difficulty, ie; they were getting a hammering.
  11. Leave them alone. I want a job when i leave the Army 8O
  12. Come, join us. Join the ranks of the living dead. Have all compassion, initiative and sense of humour removed.


    Just got a ticket myself - can't really complain*, parked in a car park and didn't have any change for the machine and couldn't really be arrsed getting said change.
    £25 lighter for 90mins parking!

    *Well I can, but I'll get fcuk all sympathy on here!!
  13. TT

    Check PM mate

  14. And what, exactly is TRANSPOTTING?
  15. Its very simular to trainspotting but instead you go about watching transexuals waiting for the right one that catches there eye then they GIVE em one! Sad cnuts