Parking charge notice and the DVLA

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by gorilla, Apr 22, 2013.

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  1. Hi, I got a parking charge notice through the door this morning, now being a keen arrser i have used the search function and am not going to respond to the letters. My problem is this, DVLA gave these muppets my personal details, i have not signed anything to give DVLA permission to distribute my personal details, is this against the Data Protection Act and do i have a leg to stand on when filing a formal complaint?
  2. No you don't. They are allowed up sell your information on perfectly legally and within the DPA to any company that satisfies certain criteria. If its a parking charge, ignore. If it's a proper police fine, pay up.

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  3. You have no grounds for complaint, the DVLA are allowed to sell your details under these circumstances. Chin up though, you aren't paying so **** 'em.
  4. Cheers guys, all help is appreciated the buggers aren't getting a penny from me!
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  6. If you know different, giving us the right info would be more helpful than that^ ^.
  7. As above.

    Can you provide examples?
  8. Well there's too much to spout on here, saying things like "Tell the officer you wish to refer to a copy of PACE and they will have to wait for another patrol car to bring them a copy" is bollocks.

    As is "Get the officers to explain why they picked on you. Under the provisions of the Human Rights Act they'll need a coherent explanation - "because you have got a red car" isn't good enough any more!"

    Find me a section of the HRA that says that? I would suggest the officers answer in almost every incident of being stopped for speeding will be "....because you were speeding"

    "Never produce your driving licence at the road side. You only have to provide the officer with your name, address and occupation.".....also bollocks, AFAIK theres no legislation requiring anyone to provide their occupation, name address and dob are all thats required. Though, again in contrary to this website, carrying your driving licence is technically a legal requirement though rarely enforced due to the '7 days to produce defence'

    Also "Ask to see the evidence and get them to explain how the equipment works and show you the markers that they used on or near the carriageway. Don't forget the patrol car's equipment will have been manually operated and there's room for human error."......Which simply won't happen Driver:'Officer, show me how that equipment works!'... Officer: 'No'.... that wont get you off a ticket in court.

    Just a few bits Ive noticed, youre better off looking up or speaking to a Road Traffic specialist solicitor.

    This little bit may explain some of it 'Page updated: 5 Apr 2006'

    I wouldnt rely on pepipoo
  9. Ta. All fair comment, but the forums are actually pretty up to date, and do often seem to reflect changes to the law as they occur. But you are right, never make a final decision on a, legal matter simply based on websites - even ARRSE.
  10. Problem is with these websites is that some of them seem to think there are some magic words to say that will just make the copper go "Oh cor blimey guvnor you got us, on your way then" which, speaking as a recently ex traffic cop, is shite.

    The advice they give out will probably piss the copper off and make the difference between someone getting a "Slow down mate, on your way" and making him think youre an awkward twat who deserves a ticket for what wouldve been just a telling off.
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    Why bother with all the rules and quotes? The OP already made his mind up about not paying and stated so.

    His question was about DVLA giving your details out. Nothing to do with validity of parking fines or authority to issue them. No wonder you lot argue so much on here ;-)