Parker-Hale Enfield Help

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by DDart, Aug 22, 2009.

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  1. Friend of mine has a Parker-Hale Enfield sporter. I am helping him get it sorted.

    1) The trigger is bloody awful. Is this fixable by a gunsmith?
    2) The scope mount is screwed to the side of the receiver with three small hex screws. Looks a bit dodgy, are there recommended alternatives?
    3) Any recommendations for US factory ammo? My friend does not reload.
    4) Any "tweaks" to help accuracy and consistency?
    5) What sort of range of precision should we expect, 2-3 MOA?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. 1) Yes.
    2) This is the best mount method. The clamp on ones are rubbish.
    3) No idea. Buy a reloading press.
    4) Get the bedding sorted properly.
    5) Mine does about 1 MOA with handloads.
  3. 1) Enfield triggers are very simple. They can either be tweaked by someone who understands how they work, or the three principle components - trigger, sear, cocking piece - are all available as cheap surplus parts and can be replaced.

    How easy the adjustment is depends upon whether its a sporterised No1 rifle, or a No4 Mk1 or Mk2.

    2) There are several after-market no-gunsmithing telescope mounts available mail order in UK or US. If you have one of the PH mounts already tapped and screwed into the receiver wall, then the rifle is already a bit bubba'd, and perhaps slightly bigger screws should be tapped into the existing holes;

    3) You just have to experiment with ammo. All Enfields work best with decent military surplus;

    4) On a sportered rifle, the only critical adjustment is to keep the "king screw" tight - the one at the front of the magazine housing. This pulls the whole action down into its bedding.

    5) A decent PH sporter is capable of 1-2 moa with the right ammo (and shooter!). I have a scoped No4 sporter here which is good enough to use in classic snipoer matches at medium ranges.