Parker Hale 7x57 ratty sporter restoration

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by ugly, May 13, 2013.

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  1. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    As detailed a week or two ago I managed to pick up a 7x57 ratty looking Parker Hale sporting mauser. Nice rifles to be honest and I have wanted one of these for a while. The strip and clean was easy enough, the only horrors were the ring about 2 inches back from the muzzle (expected as I saw that in the viewing) and a distinct faintness of rifling at the end of the chamber (not totally unexpected but unseen due to state of rifle in viewing). I am sure that the rifle should manage minute of deer comfortably with handloads for a year or two. I'm no massive fan of moderators so I may have the barrel shortened if accuracy is a no no but as the ring is 2 inches back I suspect thats not a real problem compared to a shagged muzzle.
    The furniture could do with some tlc and my gamekeeper works as a french polisher and his work in restoring stocks is to be seen its so good. The stock structurally is fairly sound so a sympathetic restoration is in order.
    I ran some dummy/drill rounds through the action and the extractor and ejector work well and the mag length is long enough just for 30.06 so a later rebarrel is looking likely!
    This all depends on selling the Rigby which will be used to fund my addiction and I will then need to find another 7x57/.275 to fill that niche.
    I am still looking at the 6.5 swede necked out to 7.62 as an option.
    Anyway as I get on with it I will take pics and post them.
    Condition externally is a bit of a horror, furniture is worn, checkering filled in with dirt and sweat in places, little chips out in places and 3 qd sling swivel holes existing. Internally the wood looks ok the Mauser recoil block and screw are present although on one side the stock is damaged slightly chipped at the recoil block screw.
    The barrel channel is sealed internally quite well.
    As a bonus the two shotguns I also picked up are in good condition.
    1 is a Zabala and internally the barrels and chambers look new, externally slightly weathered and the wood is quite plain looking but I suspect it will shoot well. I may get a chance on sunday morning.
    2 is a slightly older looking Spanish side by side with a cross bolt action and a bit more external wear, in need of a new buttplate but with nice wood and internally again the barrels look new.
  2. Aha, photos? Porn needs pictures and words.
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  3. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

  4. Is the zabala a 12 or 10 bore? I have one in 10 and a degree of caution needs to be exercised when firing as I have in the past let both barrels go at the same time. With 3 1/2 inch carts each throwing 2 1/4 Oz, the event is not quickly forgotten.
  5. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Its a 12 but looks like a 10 when you open it up if you know what I mean! I thinks its a 3 inch chamber as its definetly a heavy piece.
  6. Top - my Mauser Model B from 1912, a Rhodesia bringback in 1990.
    Next - my 1897 Loewe contract Mauser carbine, signed.
    Bottom - not a Mauser, just one of my Swiss guns.


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  7. What the hell happened there? I seem to have been able to successfully post an image!


  8. That Mauser is a sweet looking thing mate.
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  9. Excuse my ignorance, but what is the nice looking one at the bottom, with the ring on the bolt?
  10. Looks like a Swiss K11.
  11. Bottom of the image is my Schmidt-Rubin K00/11, made in 1912. The ring on the end of the cocking piece is the pull to rotate the bolt into the safety/dismantling position. I also have a 1954 K31 and a K31-actioned target rifle with a Schultz & Larsen barrel. My other Mauser is a near-mint ES350B from 1937, in .22LR. Here's a better one of the Model B Mauser being shot by a pal, on Youtube under tac's guns Mauser - tac's guns - 1912 Mauser Model B - YouTube

    ...and the gun itself....


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  12. Now that I seem to have cracked the no-pics barrier, I might post a few of my others over on the show-your-guns forum, but I don't really have anything of interest for you guys with all the bells and whistles modern wonder-guns.

  13. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Well the furniture went to be tarted up yesterday, did a deal there, I have a couple of Tikka Magazines new in the box and he is keen for spares.
    I may tackle the metal work myself as I'm only looking to recoat the barrel and receiver. Just enough to keep it from looking a dog until I decide what to do with it!
  14. Do you do the cerakote process, or anything similar?

    My cousin over the way bought a less-than-loved heavy barrel Savage that shot well, but looked like it had been used to drive rail-tie spikes. A bit of lurv and cerakote made it look like a new custom rifle - helped to have a tame cerakoter in the family, mind.

  15. Anyone else find the 7x57 has a particularly nasty, sharp report? I had a Heym 7x57 and firing the bugger, even in the open, used to leave my ears ringing like a bastard!

    The 7mm-08 I replaced it with was much kinder on the ear for some reason. Both shot relatively slow powders out of full length barrels, but the 7x57 used make me wince.