Parker Bowles in Line to Become Queen

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by RCSignals, Mar 21, 2005.

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  2. Bet this fills Prince Phillip 'warm with glee' after all these years as being just the Monarch's hubby :D
  3. So Edward VIII abdicated because?
  4. If Charles did not intend to try and destroy the Monarchy, he is doing a danm good job at it :roll:

    I for one would find it hard to accept him as King, let alone her as Queen.

    As for these Royalists, it is we, the people who decide if the Monarchy remains, not a frigging jumped up arrsehole or two :evil:

    Before the Monarchists jump up and down, I too am a great believer in the Monarchy and wish to see it remain......without Charles taking the crown
  5. Don't worry dui-lai, Liz has many more good years left.
  6. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Lets face it most people couldn't care less. Another case of the press making news.....
  7. dui lia wrote
    "If Charles did not intend to try and destroy the Monarchy, he is doing a danm good job at it"

    I would not deney any man the right to marry the women he choses, but in Choles case get wed and Wedge it. Give young Will a chance.
    My thai friends are splitting their sides, John you get most butiful Queen.
    And this is from folks where les majasty will still put you in nick.
  8. Henry VIII anyone...?!
  9. I personally reckon , charles should be king for a dya then turn the throne over to William, or Harry, as they are the ones more in touch with the generations of today, and popular too.

    But saying that imagine if Harry became king, lol

    Just have to make sure Harry doesnt get p!ssed when he is about to get the throne, or for the kings speach at xmas!!

    'I address you my loyal (Hic) Barstewards, i luvs ya all, ya me bestist mates' etc....