Parkas, outer (cold and extreme cold-weather clothing)

Can anyone give me any more info on this type of jacket.
I was chatting to an old ex-crab over the fence the other day and I was telling him that I am going to Canada for christmas. He then scuttled off and came back with the above jacket, "You'll be needing this he says".
It weighs a ton and has never been worn. He can't remember how he came about it but thinks they were part of an aircrew arctic survival kit. This would explain why it looks more civvie than tactical, (colour - blue).
Label has stores ref. 22C 1240 which must make it old. Are they still available as an issue?
You'll get issued a BATUS Parka out there if you merit it. Normally for QM's types and other office dwellers, if you work outside a t-shirt is apparently sufficient.
Only winter maint slaves work in T Shirts.
Permanent gods get the large parka and dont care about you getting nipped.
You are only ever good for one winter anyway.
I was given an Arctic Parka (complete with the button in chinese fighting jacket). Being free I accepted it gracefully thinking it would come in useful one day; maybe on the ranges or exercise. However following an exercise in Norway, a winter tour in Kosovo, numerous ranges as Safety Staff or RCO, several exercises of various types the thing stayed in a box in my garage. Recently I flogged it to a fisherman for a fiver having realised a smock, t-shirt and softie jacket were more than enough.

Not necessarily linked to this thread but I felt I had to get it off my chest!

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