Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by jabbawocky, Jan 27, 2006.

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  1. Poor bunny wabbits

    :D :D
  2. Should have buttstroked the boxhead barsteward and reminded him who won the war
  3. 1. Sees OFF (apologies, a bit pedantic).
    2. Do we have Jeeps now?
    3. Barstewards probably trying to hide the lost POW labour camp my grandad was forced to work in there during WW1. Silly bugger volunteered at 15: captured in 1916 after a week at the front.
    4. Is Silberhutte (Adv Trg) lodge still in operation anyone?
  4. "British troops had now been briefed about the importance of the national park following the incident"

    Train Green! :D
  5. ...British Army sources refused to comment on the activities of soldiers in the area or the purpose of their presence, but German spokesman, Ranger Schmidt, commented that some security camera footage of the troops appeared to be "particularly incriminating".

  6. After being part of a detail that was told to bury about 50 partially full,25 litre oil cannisters whilst on exercise in N.Germany in ´74,right next to a Water Protection Area (Wasserschutzgebiet) sign,yes I can understand the guys worries.I pointed out to the SQMS whose detail it was the sign,and was told to shut the f*ck up.

    There are enough already ruined areas in Germany on which to train on, Luneburg,Soltau and Grafenwohr spring readily to mind.

    Due to the German `habit`of building villages and towns every couple of kilometers,there´s not a lot of unspoilt forestry left and quite a few areas are still suffering from the fallout of Chernobyl,no joke!
  7. Come on admit're just a bluff old traditionalist aren't you? :lol:

  9. Rumbled but if you want to avoid the violence i am sure he would have done a Nelson if the O/C had offered him a few jerricans of derv,that used to be universal currency in BOAR as I remember
  10. I would of confronted the krautes, not ran away or backed down and if they tried something just tell them why we are still in their country when the cold war has finished!
  11. I think the old HQ 3 Shock Army should be contacted to provide evidence of their environmentally aware advance to contact policies 'No persistant nerve agent in this area shaded on the map, its a conservation area'.
  12. I can remember doing something like midnight mentioned as my vehicle dumped it's POL.....

    Well we have a new TEWT area. :twisted:

  13. I would OF/have...

    Loosened all the tent pegs

    Returned at 3 a.m.

    Tossed a few XM84s into said tent

    Watched the ensuing panic/chaos/retreat/white flags

  14. Who would be surrendering the boxheads?
  15. Er, no. The ones in the tent. Which I thought was self-explanatory.