Paris Trip with a young child

Discussion in 'Travel' started by CountryGal, May 24, 2013.

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  1. CountryGal

    CountryGal LE Book Reviewer

    Any suggestions or recommendations for a short break (4nights) in Paris with a 7 Year old in July?

    Looking for things outside the obvious tourist attractions and must be doable for just a me and my son - we will be flying so no car just public transport a rusty knowledge of French, a map and a dictionary!

    Would prefer personal recommendations then just cut and paste from itnernet I can do that bit myself. ;o)
  2. An aimless stroll around Montmatre to check out some of the local restaurants is time well spent. You have to have some fun too.
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  3. If you try to fit the 14th July into your plans, Bastille Day is one to see. My brother,when he was 2nd REP, paraded on it, it's the biggest military parade in Europe, the French Forces at their shiniest!
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  4. Wombling around Versailles can be quite nice, and taking the piss out of the Pompidou centre

    We had a nice afternoon just bimbling round the old bit where the artists were. Forget the name of the area
  5. With a 7 yr old ? To stop it constantly whinging & bitching you will have to go to Disneyland I,m afraid. Or lock it up at home with a few scraps in a bin bag like that kid in that advert.
  6. It's Maddie isn't it?
  7. Loads to do here with children. Boat or canal trip, street theatre outside the Pompidou Centre, guignol (puppet show) in parks, boat sailing in the Tuileries and Luxembourg Gardens, the Observatory, Stade de France, open air food markets (try guessing the fish, or look at pigs' heads, weird fruit & veg), the gargoyles outside Notre Dame, the nightly rekindling of the flame at the tomb of the unknown soldier at 18h30 under the Arc de Triomphe, Napoleon's tomb, the Army Museum (Invalides), the funicular railway up to the Sacre Coeur, horse racing (flat, steeplechasing and trotting) old fashioned roundabouts with horses, China Town, 2 zoos, and all these below (tried and tested by my own children)

    Home - L'Aquarium de Paris

    Palais de la découverte (set in a huge outdoor park with a great giant slide, I've been down it)

    If you are here on the 14th July the parade is great, but you have to get there very early to see anything. However there are static displays on all day, notably at the Esplanade des Invalides, so kids can climb on armoured vehicles etc. Or if you've had too many mojitos then sit on a gendarmerie moto (moi???). The firestations are sometimes open and the firemen are really good with kids, will let them sit in the fire engine with a shiny helmet, makes for a fantastic souvenir picture.

    Don't ask me about Disney, I have never been. Parc Astérix is good though.

    If you have any specific questions, send me a PM. I even wrote a book about this years ago (ABCs of Motherhood in Paris).

    ps I suppose I should mention the Eiffel Tower ... the Staff College (Ecole militaire) is at the back of the gardens (Champ de Mars) and sometimes the stables are open so you can visit the horses. The Republican Guard stables are also worth a visit.
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  8. You could do the cheaper version and just go to blackpool. Its got a tower (looks like the Eiffel one) and a fun fair (just tell them its disney world) and most people are so pissed (stag weekends) there that your youngster wont be able to understand them and you can say they are talking french
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  9. Luxemboug Gardens and Place Des Vosges good for a picnic if the weather's half decent,
    A stroll along the Canal Saint Martin is peaceful,
    Just as in London, ignore the sightseeing bus trip but get a map of the bus routes and plan your own,
    I wouldn't bother with the Eiffel Tower it looks best from the Trocadero Gardens, the best high view is from the Montparnasse Tower.

    Have fun
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  10. We took our daughter last year. She was 8. We stayed at Euro Disney but took the train from the park into the centre of Paris for a day for less than £30 return. Came out of the station right by the Arc de Triomphe which is a huge bastard!
    Lunch at McDonalds on the Champs Elysees (I know how to treat my women) - £20. Then caught a City Tour bus - £50. Got off by the WW1 memeorial and walked down to the Eiffel Tower, again very impressive. Then back on the bus to see all the other sights. Bus tour takes about 2 hours + time at the Tower

    Our 8 year old loved it. Particularly the train and the Tower. Don't see why a 7 year old wouldn't.
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  11. Yep, Parc Asterix is indeed a great day out. My two much preferred it over Disneyland..Good old fashioned wooden rollercoasters get the blood pumping I can assure you.
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  12. CountryGal

    CountryGal LE Book Reviewer

    He's treating me to a coffee and crepe everyday / living the dream me!

    Thanks for all the suggestions, didn't even know there was a park astrix and he loves those books
  13. As long as your not their maths teacher you should be fine...
  14. The ticketing system for public transport will have changed since I lived there 25 years ago (the Fair Maid can no doubt advise) but if you have time then travel around by bus rather than by métro. Not as quick, but you'll see more.

    Maybe FMOP can tell us whether they still have any of those really old buses with the open platform at the back? That would appeal to children.
  15. I think the Paris Metro's great. If I recall correctly, The Louvre stop is like a museum.
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