Paris to marry Paris....

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Rocketeer, Jun 1, 2005.

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  1. Isn't that nice? Paris Hilton - she of the tiny t*ts and airhead is engaged to marryu Paris Latsis who, apparently does nothing but looks good in expensive clothes... Guess she's marrying for money as he's heir to $ 7.5 billion..

    They had a little party BBQ at their ' home ' in L.A. after Paris [ she ] got back from flogging House of Wax [ the movie ] in Europe...

    don't know what her take is from the Hilton hotel fortune...

    isn't it lovely when true love finds a way?...

    now returning to your regularly scheduled mundane existence...
  2. By all accounts she is a top shag in the bedroom. or anywhere for that matter!
  3. What a pair of aimless cretins. Still they'll save a fortune on name tags.
  4. Paris fits Paris
  5. If they decide to produce offspring, is anyone else of the opinion that it will be a form of inbreeding? Or would it be a case of two mongs make a bright?! :D :lol:
  6. Lol

    I shudder at the thought. The new baby won't just have a forehead, it'll have a fivehead, MMMMMLRRRRR!!

  7. are you sure??? i saw her home made vid and she looked, well... a bit disinterested
  8. She could be as disinterested as she wanted as long as I got to report guns empty on her norks or face or in her badly stuffed kebab or in her dirtbox....I think you catch my drift :lol:
  9. I think its beautiful that two individuals who have both over come being unbelievably good looking and rich to find true love I feel a movie of there heart warming tale is in order.
  10. A very good idea but who would you have playing the title rolls and why :?:
  11. I would be prepared to play Paris male type the fact I have a face like a melted Lego toy and he is a model could be ironic or some thing. Any fine young scarlet could be roped in to play the female lead I have no dramas with full frontal nudity as long as its done tastefully i.e. me in a batman uniform her tied over a bed covered in marmite etc